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Greg Inglis is running out: South Sydney is knowing he is hanging the chairs

South Sydney, Queensland and Kangaroos legacy Greg Inglis has named his rugby league after a glittering club career, state and international level.

Ynglis played 39 tests, 32 Origins and won a premiership with the Guns in 2014 that broke a 43 year old for the primary school.

The championship was almost unbeatable in its prime for club, state and countries, but became the 32-year-old in the past years by shoulder and knee injuries. He just played two games in 2019, but decided his decision on a pension not based on the injuries.

"I think it's time and I think it's the right decision for myself. I'm over to it," he said in a media conference at & # 39; a Redfern basis.

"There has been a lot of speculation, but as of today it is official. There are no caps.

"My teammate is here, they had not come today, but that cares for the club.

"This club has given me everything, every chance. And my former club Melbourne Storm gave me the chance."

Inglis was clear that he only made the call to hang the masters.

"It is not through mental health or injury, I think it is the right time for me. I wake up a draft for a time now and I am working on it.

"My father was a legend to me and he is still not known when he jumped on a train and came up here today to join me.

"I didn't think it really was that I was in the breast and he called.

Greg Inglis at his medical conference.
Greg Inglis at his medical conference.
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"That's my time at my career. No one has mentioned it otherwise.

"I am happy with my decision. I get to work with the clock and work on Redfern and work with the boys and the community.

"My journey has only just begun."

Ynglis bursts at the center as an 18-year-old with Melbourne in 2005 and would play 117 matches before entering 2011 in South Africa.

He has played 146 games for the Bunnies and has 71 infections, including his memorable runaway in & nbsp; dying etapanes of & # 39; a final outcome of Canterbury.

A year after the start of his NRL debut, Inglis played Queensland Reports and values ​​Australia's green and gold, the beginning of a worthy representative career attempting 31 tests, 18 Oriented and 10 rounds of profit. All-Conquering Maroons.

Rabbitoch's coach Wayne Bennett said Inglis deserves all the benefits that come his way.

"He has achieved so much during his game career and I am sure his name is next to the greats of the game called in our history," he said.

"Greg is more than one of the most talented players to play our game. I think he can have a tremendous influence on the next group of players as a coach and I ask for him on that path.

"What he has done for his clubs, for his people, for Queensland and for Australia over a long period of time is exceptional, and today he is beginning to take the next path in his career.

"One of the things that I wanted to do here was to work with Greg, but the one thing I prefer was that I would not train him.

"He has a presence, you can't say about all the players you know what the person brings." It is hard to describe, but you just know that it is and it rides you and everyone in your club. "

Ynglis said he was knowing his teammates to the dramatic win over the Warriors Sunshine Coast.

"I am grateful that the club had time to go home and see my family and talk to them about this," he said.

"I told the boys to the game on saturday and their credit kept them quiet."

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