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Glamorous WAG protester films police serving their $ 1,000 fine

Glamorous WAG Taylor Winterstein took to Instagram to post video of detectives knocking on her home today to serve her and her husband of football two two $ 1000 Covid protest fines.

In the video, posted on her Instagram account with 70,000 followers, the fanatical anti-vaxxer demanded that the two officers of plain clothes show “proof” that they were police.

She also accuses them of “infringing on my private property”.

When one detective stopped his badge, she said it was not enough and demanded more “evidence”.

Mrs Winterstein was photographed with her husband, former Manly NRL star Frank Winterstein, and took a prominent part in the unauthorized anti-lockdown protest in the Sydney CBD.

She posted several long videos on Instagram of her at the demonstration, in which she can be heard from her husband for not going “close to all the media cameras”.

Ms Winterstein posted the latest video on Sunday afternoon, when police were “flat” on the hunt for rule-breakers across Sydney to serve intrusion reports for yesterday’s incident.

NSW police confirmed to that the 32-year-old and her 34-year-old husband received the $ 1,000 notices “for violating public health orders after leaving the house without a reasonable apology and attending it” protest of Sydney CBD “,

In the video, the masked detectives enter the Winterstein property through a front gate and are filmed by Taylor.

She then demands from one officer, “Can I have any proof that you are a police officer and why are you violating my private property?”

The detective replies, “We are not in trespass,” which she disputes, saying “yes you are.”

When her father, Campbelltown landscapeman Ces Moors, who lives next door to her, tries to intervene, Mrs. Winterstein calls out, “Dad, Dad, Dad, hang on.”

She then addresses the second detective: “Can I see real evidence, no badge, that you are a detective”.

He produces a police document and she insists: “can I please have a look”.

When he tells her, “before we go on, I have this on camera,” she replies, “Yes, and I have this on camera, too.”

The detective tried to tell Mrs. Winterstein something, but she stopped him with interruptions and asked, “how do you have grounds to infringe on private property?”

He replies, “We have a common right to enter your property. Do you want us to leave?”

When she tells him “yes”, he says “we will put the burglary note in the mail” and Mr. Moors opens the gate to let the two detectives out.

Mrs. Winterstein films her as she crosses the road to get in her car.

Posted next to the video on Instagram, Mrs. Winterstein wrote for her followers, “POLICE came to my house and I sent them away.

“Breathe. Hold your position. Be respectful. Know your rights. You do not have to be afraid.

“And for all those keyboard fighters who mark NSW police and report me to Crime Stoppers, good luck with that.”

She also posted over the weekend, “Inspo post for everyone who buys it now, from family & friends, for last night.

“Rule # 1 is always, F *** WHAT THEY THINK. You were on the right side of history yesterday, stand tall and be proud. ”

In one of the videos of the many women Winterstein, can be heard “no fax passport” and “no more locking”.

Ms. Winterstein, a former Wests Tigers club receptionist, has been married to former Samoan international Frank Winterstein for eight years and the couple has two young children.

Winterstein marks her website and internet influence company as the “Tay’s Way Movement” via her Instagram handle @tays_way_.

She and her husband also have a podcast, Meet The Wintersteins,

The WAG and Mother-of-Two runs $ 220 per head workshops on the dangers of vaccinations, and parent empowerment seminars entitled Families for Freedom

Mrs. Winterstein was an ambassador for the anti-vaccination film, Vaxxed,

She claims to have her own fax research online and has said that NRL couples are a “strong core group” of anti-waxers.

In 2019, Ms Winterstein was quoted as saying: “I know for a FACT that there are FULL high profile ‘influencers’ on social media in the sports and wellness sector who do not vaccinate their children but do not publicize their beliefs. will share. “

Also in 2019, when an outbreak of mussels fell across the Pacific Ocean, Ms. Winterstein called her husband’s homeland “NaziSamoa”.

After 4,000 of the 200,000 population became infected and 32 died in rapid succession, the Samoan government introduced compulsory vaccination for all children and adults.

It declared a state of emergency and children were banned from public meetings.

Last week, both Taylor and Frank Winterstein posted messages on Instagram that they were the only people wearing masks infected with Covid-19.

“Friendly reminder, the tens of thousands of maskless people marching in Sydney today are not the ones standing in line to be tested or jabbed,” the statement read.

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