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Geoff Clark and family see over 1,000 new fraud, deceit and deceit


January 22, 2019 20:16:06

Former ATSIC boss Geoff Clark, his wife and two sons, have more than 1,000 additional fraud, sophisticated and culpable related amounts associated with Indian organizations in southwestern Victoria.

Key points:

  • Geoff Clark says the suffering to him and his family are politically motivated
  • All four will appear in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court in April
  • Some of the reimbursements date back to 2000, when Clark was the President of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission

Woman Clark, his wife Trudy Clark and sons Jeremy and Aaron appeared in the Warrnambool war in & # 39; A court in October accused of unquestionably receiving $ 685,000 from Framlingham Aboriginal Trust, the Maar Land Council, Brambuck / Gariwerd Enterprises and Kirrae Whurrong Community Incorporated.

Detecting from & # 39; fraud & broadcast of & # 39; A match is another 514 judgments against Mr Clark, 66, of Warrnambool, causing the total number of those to be "543".

His wife, Trudy Clark, 63, received a further 456 charges for a total of 481.

Geoff Clark's 45-year-old son Jeremy, of Abbotsford, received another 90 judgments for a total of 114, while 37-year-old Aaron Clark, of Bellfield, received an additional 28 opinion for a total of 32.

All four will appear in Warrnambool Magistraten on April 5 & # 39; Court.

Mr Clark gave this to the assertion that he was spending money that was meant to repair houses in Halls Gap in western Victoria at an open bar and kitchen in his possession beside Warrnambool.

Mr. Clark said he was being persecuted by police, and had yet to see the specifics of any charges.

"I've been in and out of court, for having been the ATSIC chair about 18 years ago," he said.

"I have never seen a former prime minister or prime minister the same amount of control and in a court for the same time of time.

"There must be a difference between a black leader and a non-aboriginal leader.

"Of course there is a campaign behind him, and of course the politics is motivated.

"To live my whole life in my town, to improve the life of my common members, now I'm a thief."

The majority of & # 39; s original lasts & # 39; Clarks, according to some of them, includes payments from Clark's four incentive organizations.

The latest dates back to 2000, when Mr Clark was chaired by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC).

ATSIC was won in 2004 by Mr Clark's follow-up replacement in the spring of & # 39; e chairman of the federal government, through threats of financial invalidity.

Paying the original recommendations for assessments of impatient money for legal buildings a period between 2000 and 2009.

At that time, Mr. Clark was the subject of several high professional justice.

Mr Clark was reported in 2000 and 2003 with violence, but both cases were rejected.

Both executors then launched civil action against Mr Clark, with one of them, Carol Stingel, ultimately successful, with a jury earning her $ 20,000 plus legal costs.

Mr. Clark explained afterwards that he never fails and calls Ms Stingel.

In 2003, Mr. Clark was also the subject of last time he got there because of a pub in Warrnambool.

He made 19 exercises, 17 of which were lost.

Mr. Clark was found guilty of two charges and success against one.

In 2011, Mr. Clark is part of a successful racist discrimination case against Herald Sun columnist Andrew Bolt.


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