Friday , July 23 2021

Federal elections 2019: Dutton & # 39; s excuse for invalidity & # 39; s doom thing to do & # 39 ;, says PM – live politics | Australia news

Five weeks to go in & # 39; campaign. I run this election campaign to form a liberal national majority government. I will tell you why: because that's how we can continue doing things in this country.

When we were looking to lower the tax burden of small and family businesses … The PvdA is against us and they used their numbers in the Senate to work against us, the last of & # 39; A lot of people in the whole country, especially small and family business dealers.

One thing I know about the PvdA and the Greens is she's in the last few weeks in & # 39; e customer support. That's why: when the PvdA is chosen, and they would like to deploy $ 387bn of higher taxes on the Australian economy, we all come back, what we all weigh, you know who they are will specify to run you & # 39; run through the Senate? The Greens.

Work and the Greens are as thick as. Therefore, they will favor higher than the Liberal Party, despite the fact that they are fully serviced by national security legislation to maintain Australian security, despite the fact that the greens are for death from & # 39; death, a wildest tax you & # 39; & # 39; The Greens conclude that the Labor Party is clearly finding that Australia is better than our lower tax policy.

Work and the Greens is one option, Liberals and the National at other. Remaining in instinctive small and family businesses, the tax burden stops. Found in this great little business, companies that are now for genders can now just continue to live with and realize the things they want to reach.

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