Friday , April 23 2021

Europe wants to expand Rocket Fuel from Lunar Surface in 2025

Moon Mission

The European Space Agency (ESA) says it researches the perspective of a 2025 mission & # 39; a month that would use robotic mining supplies to generate radio fuel from a month's regolit, the old one that was the surface of & # 39; provides a month.

"The use of space resources can be a key to sustainable month exploration, and this study is part of ESA's widespread plan to make Europe a global exploration partner in the coming decade," David Parker, Human and Robotic Exploration director at ESA said in a press release.

Rocket Fuel

The plan is to work with ArianeGroup, a European aviation company that bicycles its Ariane 64 launch, to divide its equipment for the mission after the month. The ESA and ArianeGroup are now in the process of investigating the potential mission.

"This first contract Рsymbolically known at & # 39; day of a lunar eclipse Рis a milestone for ArianeGroup, which has long been working on" "technological proposals for exchange logistics service," says ArianeGroup CEO André-Hubert Roussel in & # 39; a press release. "It is also an opportunity to execute Ariane 64's Moon Moon missions' missions for its institutional clients, with a 8.5-meter delivery capacity."

Lunar Surface

Although it does not specify the press message, it is likely that the fuel from ESA will be interested in helium-3, which cannot be & # 39; a month's regolence – and scouting China's own current month mission.

The new contract only deals with the first year of discovering the feasibility of one month's mission. But if the mission succeeded, the payer could be great. If the ESA issued the fuel from its regolit, it can use the message to access a human presence at & # 39; a month – and use the month as a "further declaration mission" port.

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