Saturday , October 1 2022

Edie and Simon broke up while having sex when they left.


Less than a week after their wedding, the bride and prejudice groom was forced to send sexually explicit texts to her ex-girlfriend.

For a while, Izzy will surely disagree with an open relationship with Simon as a solution to the fraud.

The situation finally came to an end when I learned that I was finally having sex with my girlfriend in the episode on Monday evening.

The other couples became unwilling eavesdrops when Izzy confronted Simon in a loud voice behind closed doors.

"You are so strange, I am the last time you let me lie," she shouted.

"What have I lied to you?" Asked Simon.

"Everyone! You are constantly sending a text message to her!" "You lie and tell you that you are not your ex-girlfriend, but a lie to you, do you think it's fair because you love me?"

In order not to face any more, Simon left the resort and left the fiancee to be comforted by Angie.

Bearing tears, Iji explained to Angie that while she was sitting next to her, she had a message to her ex-husband and had not married.

Angie, who was shocked at the notice, remembers the rest of the Australians: "It's disgusting.

Defeated in a conversation with the producer, Simon explained that he was in touch with one of his ex-girlfriends and crossed the line.

"He said he was a friend," she said. "I saw a text message he wrote and he was unfamiliar, it was obvious he broke the agreement and lied to me."

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Just a few hours ago, Simon pleaded with Izzy's mother to accept him with his family and said he had a nice face and that his relationship was over.

"I questioned my marriage because I feel like my mind is somewhere else."

"I fell in love with Megan, and I do not love him."

Simon in the retreat provided a somewhat interesting take on the whole situation as Izzy weeping was comforted by another couple.

"Yes, the truth will release you, but first I will make you angry," he said.

The sudden explosion of Izzy and Simon shocked the people who went to social media to give viewers frustration about their divisions.

Bride and prejudice Channel 7 continues on Tuesday at 7:30 pm.

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