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Duchess has improved royalties, popularity

If you currently have $ 22, you can be the proud owner of an official Duke and Duke of Sussex Royal Wedding Mug. (It's a steal at 50% discount!)

For $ 44.40 you can grab a duke and dude from Sussex Royal Wedding Cream Heart Decoration. Fancy what cheaper? A Duke and Duke of Sussex Royal Wedding Pill Box is only $ 31.

Although the royal family may be known for their pump, majesty and control bearing, they are also good at turning a fast dollar by selling a variety of teapots, cheesy Christmas decorations and knock-off crystal jewelry.

Because although Queen may be an imperial figure who believes she is ordered by a higher power to be Defender of the Faith, she is not beyond beating a comb on a package of tea bags or trinkets like $ 28 corgi such as a little bit of coin.

And no member of the Windsor Firm is doing more to help shift this great selection of two chess guys than Meghan, Duke of Sussex.

New figures from the Royal Collection have shown an 18 percent boost in visitor ticket sales to royal palaces and a $ 6.2 million jump in souvenir sales in & # 39; last year, largely by everyone's favorite former actress.

According to the report, this "notable growth" from online sales "reflected the popularity of Royal Wedding-related merchandise". (It's been the biggest increase in sales and sales since 2011 when these crazy kids Kate and Wills walked to the altar after nine years of dating.)

Translation: Meghan has proven to be a nice little earner for the royal family.

And here's the thing – Meghan has to deal with a crap of criticism for her cuddles, though that dulled Givenchy and a very fuzzy notion of some privacy, however, now she is Windsor's secret weapon.

While all those doshs are handy (polo-pony's not coming cheap), Meghan is also responsible for something full of value. At present, the royal family is seeking an important uptick in popularity and interest, thanks in large part to their latest recruiter, a woman who's negotiating life on civvy streets to discover plaques for their lives.

Take the @KensingtonRoyal Instagram account. Since Harry and Meghan launched their own Breakaway @ SussexRoyal account in early April, the Kensington Palace account has added over two million new followers, bringing them 9.7 million followers. (In the meantime, Harry's and Meghan's account has a non-shabby 9.2 million.)

Also, for all the suspected tiara drama, foul calls and the controversial visits to Wimbledon, Meghan has managed to achieve something that generations of royal family members did not do – to really get FS, obsessed with & # 39 ; Windsor soup soup.

In just 18 months or so since the engagement of "Sussexes", Meghan has made strangely great strokes of Yanks's deep investment, and passionate about, family control, dispute, and voluptuous striving for a forest (mostly) middle-aged, white Britons with more than their fair share of weak chins. And that's a wonderfully admirable feat.

(Diana was very popular in America, yes, and Kate did, though, not even the level of worship that Meghan had.)

Because the royal family needs people to care for. However, this is not about ego – this is about survival.

The royal family is about to get their biggest test in a generation.

When the queen dies, it will be her farest (FAR) less popular son who goes up on a throne. Replacing a venerable, little-gorgon-like grandmother, 70-by-block pacification will be a huge test of the public's appetite to throw out tens of millions for a royal family.

The monarch and her descendants, with their tampon phones, $ 4.3 million improvements, very unusual real estate purchases with Kazakh power brokers, need the public not to write them off as a forest is over-exercising and instead retaining some level of weakness in curiosity (and respect for) went.

In order to paraphrase Oscar Wilde very much, for the Queen and her extended breeding, it is much better to talk obsessively, even if that means leaving you over the coal of public opinion, then ignorantly being ignored.

In essence, they should increase interest in this aristocratic melodrama, such as a Jilly Cooper novel, but with more nude tights and visits to regional recycling plants.

And although Kate may be a charming, photogenic duchess, she has made a duty to produce three perfect children, such as a brilliant brother-in-law in a jigsaw, it is Meghan with its restless and challenging approach to royal life. # 39, the ratings really hold (and checkout register).

Being a HRH may not be a role that Meghan was born to play, but miserable, thanks to this one woman, the world is now immersed in real life Crown and for that reason the queen would say, "Thank you".

Daniela Elser is a royal expert and freelance writer. Continue the conversation @DanielaElser

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