Monday , January 30 2023

Dr. Stephen Hawking's wheelchair and doctoral thesis sold at a multi-million dollar auction


Some of the late theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking 's work and belongings have recently taken hundreds of thousands of dollars per item in Christie' s auction.

Among the items sold were his motorized red leather wheelchair and his copy of his doctoral thesis Properties of extended universes – one of five known volumes – sold for £ 296,750 ($ 532,663) and £ 584,750 ($ 1049,620) respectively.

The item was included in Christie's auction "On the Shoulder of the Giants" from October 31 to November 8, and included handwritten documents written by fellow Brainiacs Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, and Albert Einstein.

Hawking's auction items include a copy of his book. A brief history of time He signed with his thumb sold for £ 68,750 ($ 123,856), his alpha industrial bomb jacket sold for £ 40,000 ($ 72,061), medals and prizes sold for £ 296,750 ($ 532,606).

In addition to Hawking's personal documents and entries, Stephen Hawking's final actress original Simpson – He was described as a disc jockey with a gold chain and a Kangol hat, which sold £ 6250 ($ 11,260). His famous invitation Reception for the time traveler It reached 11,250 pounds (20,267 pounds).

"Stephen Hawking was a huge personality all over the world," said Thomas Venning, a copy of Christie's London book and copy department. Reuters Prior to the auction. "He had this amazing ability to connect with people."

Hawking's red chair was one of the fastest wheelchairs used after being diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). It was sold nearly 20 times as expected to be pulled out of the auction and the sale will help the Stephen Hawking Foundation and the Motor Neurological Association.

According to guardianThe respected physicist's daughter, Lucy Hawking, said the auction was an opportunity for his followers to "get the memories of our father's special life in the form of small impressive and fascinating items."

[Christie’s via Associated Press]
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