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Dancer Wade Robson told Michael Jackson about a seven-year-old injury

A dancer might have hit Michael Jackson over the course of seven years when he was just seven years old.

Wade Robson made the pointers in a new movie, Immediately Neverland, who'll talk to it later in the Sundance Film Festival.

Robson's success Jackson's legacy for $ 2.2 billion over the abuse and in local 2013 films, he provided details of & # 39; a seven-year age until Jackson & # 39; lose & # 39; in him then he won 14 times.

According to The Sun, the judge was dismissed if the judge-ruled Jackson's legacy could not become accountable to the judges.

Neverland's love has interviewed interviewers with Mr. Robson and James Safechuck, who are now in their 30s.

Read the synopsis of "movies": "With well-expanding interviews with the now-grown men and their families, Neverland's members are a portrait of sustainable explosion and victims."

Mr Robson has placed his point of view in 2013 as specialty and trauma had forced him to deal with the truth of his own abuse. Mr. Safechuck has next year put a similar straight line.

Vince Finaldi, who's Mr Robson's representative and Mr. Safechuck, said that they were puzzling on technical directions and were now calling.

"There were never directions in the court of their testimony, we are standing by our clients, and we believe them, and we expect them to come," he told the Associated Press.

The director of Neverland and producer Dan Reed mentioned in a statement that "It has great courage for these two men to tell their stories and I have no question about their validity.

"If everything we have learned in this story is, sexual abuse is complicated, and the voices of survival should be heard."

Choreographer Wade Robson painted in 2004. Photo / Getty Images
Choreographer Wade Robson painted in 2004. Photo / Getty Images

Jackson's estate also issued a statement and said the documentary: "Just another red of date and discreet payments."

"Wade Robson and James Safechuck have judged that Michael never did anything hard", said the statement that both attendees had placed you abolished.

"This is yet another luxury production in a scandalous and sharp attempt to operate and pay for Michael Jackson."

In 2005, Jackson was given all the murderous expenses and died four years later after an anesthetic propofol overdose.

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