Wednesday , June 16 2021

Contraceptive pills can be taken every day of the month, says the new NHS guide

WApplying combined hormonal control experience can now get more information about its effectiveness with a new leaflet released by the FNP.

Regulations for a full year of birth control are also more widely available if the guidelines are followed.

Dr. Diana Mansour, vice-president of clinical quality at the faculty of sexual and reproductive health, said: "The guideline determines that, by less hormone-free intervals – or shifts to four days – it is possible that women can reduce the risk become difficult on combined hormonal account options. "

The new NICE-accredited clinical guidelines are contradictory to the work of researchers and some doctors who already advise certain patients against a pore between pills, which they normally run in rows of 21 with labels for the pills. days of a week.

Professor Anne MacGregor said: "If a woman starts her pills again later, she will seek trouble.

"It also does not require other symptoms, such as women, to get the main flaps out of the drop of hormones."

Although it is linked to "medical occupations", researchers may still trust that the combined pill still exists in rows of 21 or contains a number of placemarks, which means that there are not enough pills in a pack for every day in a month.

Combined pillow package often still trusts women to break into each suit.

Professor MacGregor said: "The problem is that pills are sold most than 21 days at the end of seven days of regimen, so it is difficult for anyone to say that there is no benefit to having a break when & # 39; 39, the women's press chains are said 21/7.

Professor Guillebaud added: "How can it be that 60 years of us wanted to take the pill in a suboptimal way because of this desire to seek the pope?"

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