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Clash of Clans December & Winter; 2018 update live, here is something new

It begins to look great like Christmas in Clash or Clans today with the release of the new & # 39; Winter update 2018.

After a week of sneaking peak, Supercell has released the release of 'e Clash of Clans December update, though the update is "Winter 2018". In a message on Facebook, the developers have announced that they should start maintenance for the "as soon as possible," depending on when you read what has already been done.

In any case, the December update updates a new content tone Clash of Clans. This includes the new Ice Golem troop, Bat Spell, Stone Slammer Siege Masine, and more. Many of the major changes were already in & # 39; a week by Supercell on the pitch, so here's a rapper again.

The Ice Golem

Together over the weekend, the Ice Golem is a new Dark Elixir Troop with a "casual personality". The One Golem frames and succeeds defending defenders he's attacked. If the Ice Golem has been destroyed, he has a sensitive breakthrough that is free and close to enemies and buildings. The Ice Golem is resolved at the City Hall 11, if you expand the Dark Barracks again.

Stone Slammer Siege Masine

Another major new troop is the Stone Slammer Siege Masine. At the 12th City Hall, three victories Workshop Level Three, the Siege Masine is a "violent floor mountain" that "fulls to the edge of Bowler 's boulders."

More than specific, the Stone Slammer will wound on your defenders of enemy's. But, unlike other Siege Masines (the Wall Wrecker and Battle Blimp), Stone Stone is not the main purpose of the hostile city. Instead, they watched the sought-after defensive buildings, causing damage to the primary target as well as surrounding structures.

Bat spell

Though may not be intimidated as the Ice Golem or Stone Slammer, however, the new Bat Spell can be destroyed – in particular combined with it.

At the City Hall of 10 and Dark Spell Factory level five, the Bat Spell is a swarm of vandals that attack the enemy and survive. While the individual fleets are not very powerful, their power is in numbers.

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Based on the game of Play # 39; The game, they will serve as a fun way to make it easier for your stronger units to attack.

New Magic Items and Stacking

The latest important new content that is coming in the current update is the arrow of obstacles and passions.

The arrow of destinations can handle a single obstacle on your village on one of 39 ' the card. "The Hero Potion, meanwhile," supports your Hero +5 levels to the maximum condition for your city level. "

Hero Potion

Get one hour of more hero power, with another brand New Magic Item: Hero Potion! ? This powerful extension added up to +5 levels to all the hosts for one hour! (Temporary levels may not be the maximum level by the village level)

Written by Clash of Clans on Monday, December 3rd, 2018

In addition to these new magical items, Supercell is often changed as Magic Items won by tough events. You can read more about this in our previous teaser post in November.

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It's winter!

You may even regenerate today by looking at it as soon as it's time to see your village. Probably it would not be a good update or not for the holiday.

In particular, you will find a festive lounge screen and vacation music, as well as Snow Effect and Snow Bridge Buildings. A new seizure is also added that you will ask 75,000 gold to handle. Or you can use the new playgroup to just move on to a new location on the map and keep it always.

Balance / quality of life changes & breakfasts

Supercell has placed the full patch image on the forums. The December 2018 update, however, includes balance adjustments for both the Main Village and the Builder Base.

I will not get here specifically, but for the main village they have extra curled slots to 1000 gems for the first slot and increased by 500 for each additional (up to three).

In addition, all matching tabs will be collected over the 2500 caps in Gems (10 LM per gem).

You can override the bug over forums.

In conclusion …

Area is not the biggest update Clash of Clans has seen in the past, but there is a great number of new content. It is likely to prevent too much new things, especially if you consider the actuality, adding new troops to a mingle.

The introduction of new troops is always sweet if you have to limit them with the existing meta. I'm sure we see all kinds of new attacks and strategy in the light of new Ice Golem, Stone Slammer and Bat Spell.

Right of clockwise – no point around & # 39; to be anxious – I make my image of the Ice Golem, followed by the Bat Spell and then closes with the Stone Slammer and other destroyed troops. That seems to be a good combination, although I'm sure players are much better than my new strategies.

As the new troops are thrilling, I'm sure most players are extensively about the advent of toddlers of Obstacles. The ability to move quickly is a long-term job, especially with how the players will let you know how to learn how long they have been.

De Clash of Clans December "Winter" 2018 update should live today if it is not already.

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