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April 15, 2019 14:52:12

The federal election program will be held on Saturday, May 18. But what if you can't make an election boat that day?

Thousands of sharp voters have asked the ABC's You ask, we respond project To investigate and explain how they can vote.

So when you go on a holiday, are sick, or just can't go to a voting party pitch, here's what you need to know.

(Don't forget: you must be enrolled by 8:00 o'clock on thursday April 18th, voice.)

How can I vote for women?

There are four ways you & # 39; t you in federal elections & # 39; t can vote at first:

  • At a strange mood center
  • Via e-mail vote
  • On a mobile phone
  • By in mobile polling facility

However, you cannot request all options.

Telephone voice, for example, is offered to Australian people who aren't blind or have low vision, while mobile mood for settings are provided with people who live in similar areas of the country or are currently in the hospital, in a prison or nursing home.

How do I vote for a strange mood for the center?

Early stimulants will open the land Monday, April 29th.

On this center your mood sets in the same way that you have to be on an election site on election day. You get a stamp paper to fill and an official will mark your name from the poll role.

To direct, the electoral rules say that you have plans to be involved, apart from your electrical division or more than 8 kilometers from an election spot on May 18.

You can also be ill or you cannot leave work, have religious napkins or a reasonable fear of your safety.

However, You will not be asked to prove your provisions Before you vote – you just have to try and get yourself into consideration.

In 2016, more than 600 late voting centers were centered before the federal election became available. (FYI: The Australian Election Commission (AEC) will soon release a list of locations).

How can I send a dot?

To send your voices in a post, your event must vote for a post via the AEC. The closed date for this is Wednesday, May 15.

If you are accepted, you will be sent a passport paper to fill in at the same time with a feedback clip.

You need to perform your voice and grab them by another person or before May 18. Then you have 13 days to get the AEC back.

If you are a regular postal law, you can register your details details with the AEC and before each election automatically receive your report papers in a mail automatically.

What percentage of Australians' voice is foreign?

In 2016 there is a massive 31 percent of Australia were frosty. That amount is about 4.5 million votes, according to parliamentary library calculations.

The majority of those voices were sent in the foreign mood, while 1.2 million were sent by post.

Dr. Peter Chen, professor of media politics, public policy and Australian politics at Sydney University, said more Australia could choose to vote for frost.

"First elections are growing ever more in the last few decades, from a very low base," he said.

"After 20 to 30 years, you should stimulate the papers and download it and get people to sign the back. Now you can go to a preschool station and the election committee has worked hard to facilitate the stimulation of conversations in a variety of forms, including polls outside your area.

"It's handy. [Australians] working on weekends, they are busy living, they do not want to be in a queue on election day to vote. "

At the 2013 federal elections, 26 percent of votes were voted in.

What should I do before stimulating a previous vote?

Dr. Chen said that the vast majority of people usually decide how to vote for longer before the election is called.

"Thus, the election process itself does not have much influence on their voice," he said.

But late voting can be a challenge for swing voters, who are at the campaign of making their minds.

Most political parties deserve this and now they are creating campaigns to guarantee you hear their cold beginnings, Dr. Chen said.

"In the old days, election campaigns were very in writing, they had a narrator who developed approximately four weeks and in the final thought of & # 39; voters just before the election culminated who, of course, is less helpful than a third of your laws are not waiting to wait, "he said.

"They must realize that once the pre-authorization starts, part of their administrative vote and they must have the messages of a day."

"This is how we see many policy events coming from & # 39; s time but not dribbling in & # 39; campaign."

What if I am abroad?

If you live and work temporarily abroad, You do not need to vote.

But if you want to say you can register with the AEC as an Irish voter.

You can then apply for a postal vote or vote for selections of Australian embassies, consulates and high commissions.

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