Monday , May 17 2021

Bulls Players visited a boycott of a team

Some Chicago Bulls players called for a boycott of Sunday practice practice.

They were set up with new head coach Jim Boylen's replacement filters in the franchise record 56-bit loss for the visit to Boston Celtics.

Instead of a boycott, however, a play was merely meeting a great team conference with coaches and management.

Per de Chicago Tribune:

"I think it was a collective thing," Wendell Carter Jr. said how # was the day down. "We both were about what, the players and the coaches, we came to them as men, we spoke, told them how we felt, and they answered very well.

When Boylen and his cities were not recaptured to the wishes of players instead of & # 39; to practice, saw things south. According to multiple sources, a group of textual calls started with "two or three players" who did not attempt to search for the rare practice that the day is called after a set of back-up games with another game Monday.

"No, I think it was just a communication, a bit of both," said Boylen, when asked who did not work. "This is what I think today is needed, and players feel they need a voice and speak, and that's cool. That's ok, this is a family thing. Together I moved to the 18 inch (from the chair of assistant coach), they still know what I want to do, there is a little bit of sweetness here in the last seven days. is an adjustment, and this is OK.

By starting the starters twice into five five substitutions, Boylen went the beautiful line between hanging players and representing them.

"We had to get lots of things from our chest and transparent," Zach said LaVine said Sunday. "I do not think that the toughness of players would ever be asked, I think that's on us, I think that's a bit of what we have discussed in our meetings."

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