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Bose Sleepbuds has slept, but shudder, they are expensive [Updated]


I recently had a few days with Bose's Noise Masking Sleepbuds. When I first wrote about her, I asserted that I was not the target market for these little boys. I am happy blessed with the opportunity at every moment to sleep asleep. It's good to hate me.

But this was in my hands, while I lay the most hollow jet lag on my life. There's never been a better time for me to put things to the test.

Update: This article was originally published on October 29. Since then, I have been testing one of the new features and adding my experience before the & # 39; If you buy them? & # 39; department. Enjoy!

Bose Sleepbuds


Develop earbouds to help you sleep


$ 379.95


They are nice, have big batteries and are good at the bloc of sound.


You can not play your own tracks and they are expensive.

What are those?

They are earning ears that have been made to sleep for people. They use slipper tracks & # 39; You can be selected from Bose Sleep App (available on Android and iOS) to create music from redirecting sounds like street-sound, strings, and pervading buys.

What's interesting is that you can not play your own music, podcasts or sounds. On the plus side this means that they will prevent your phone battery, to track the tracks on & # 39; The buttons themselves are stored, as the contrast over the bluetooth flows all night.

The app is also minimalist and easy to use. You can use this to select your track (including the amount of time you want to play), your existing volumes and an alarm when you're close.

What are they good?

Block from noise

Before we come, it is important to note that this is not a sound of earrings – this sounds still sounds through filtering. But I found that the overall evening of the street was well masked and left was when I played the sound. And then the partner next to me speaks, his voice was unhurriedly muffled.

I received these results of the ears with 50% sound. I also delivered them at 75% and pass 100% as last week's cars (we live on a main road here to make people laughing and running) and I could hear them harder.

Why did they not all set 100%? At the time it was for me personally unlucky sound. I could not sleep well with even the most relating sounds at that level. That is to say, the tracks are designed to avoid any serious damage and can be high for other people.

Battery And Charge Case

One of my favorite things about the Sleepbuds is her education. Not only is the tasty and immense lightweight, it offers the knife with 16 hours of power before it should be added again. This makes them perfect for long journeys and business travel.

You see how much storage is left by its lights, and the buttons turn magnetically back if you want to chew. You can also check how much loaded the buds themselves through the app Bose Sleep.

The downturn to the truly impressive battery life is that it comes at cost, but we come.


This may be included as an infinite inclusion. After all languages, each phone is preferable to this functionality. But they do not deliver these demonic tones directly into your earliest. The diets do.

I give this feature – it's great for anyone with a partner who just does not just notice. My love and I'm both journalists and normally get the same time … Except in & # 39; load the hardware.

These were great when I started 2am upgrading to the new iPhone, and the announcement of Google Pixel 3 and Huawei Mate 20. They let me wake up my sleepy sleep without an alarm in the whole sleep asleep.

As the tracks, if you set the alarms, they are stored inside the buds themselves, not on the phone app, so your battery will not turn off if you do not even have it.


I was really impressively offered the level of fruity offered by the Sleepbuds. They did not stop, I could comfortably lie on my side and they were safe enough to stay in the night. While you can still tell you something is running, they are much more enjoyable than most earplugs or normal ears that I try to sleep.

The Sleepbuds set also comes with three different ear tips to choose from, which helps you with personal comfort and ensures that those you choose are not too small, such as the sound to get out .


I do not want to say that they will help you sleep – there are many feel – from the environment to the individual with them.

But I will say that they calmly pardon my pardon in the head that was laid by jet lag. And that's what I could sleep. The surprising sounds of crackling blizzards and wounds helped to stop my spirit and not think about all my friends dying one day.

When I first use the Sleepbud, I first swapped quickly for the first time in a week – and I stayed in sleep. That said – I'm a heavy sleep. Once I left the road. Therefore, I did not worry about a railroad that was awakened by a loud sound that was no longer blocked.

In fact, at night nights, I set the line to play only a few hours. For me, the Sleepbuds were used to realize sleep, not to stay. For other people with serious sore problems, it can not be so easy.

What are they wrong?


The Sleepbud tracks have been specifically designed to help with sound transmission and sleep supply. They also have a maximum dB level of 50, to protect against the mark. Furthermore, the limit is that the tracks on devices may be stored to prevent your phone battery from running. I understand why this engineering is made and can see the positive.

Still, I still think that these limitations could let people hear their own music and podcasts, or even ASMR and mediocrities. Not to mention all that "t want to use expensive device as their daily ears.

While Bose plans to request more sounds in # 39, I think that will not be enough. I hope the next generation of Sleepbuds will find a solution so that users can get a little more afraid of their book and enjoy the best of both worlds.

On the flip side are the sounds they do, great.

My go-tos are Campfire, Dus and Swell. I thought that fire, rain and waves are obviously picky, but they just were just enough, they were for me. And this was important for the way I came to hear. These tones calmed me.

Interesting there is also a & # 39; Altitude & # 39; track that emulates the sounds of an aircraft. The hum of a machine-like, not the crying kids, sounds protective and toothpaste.

Long-haired flies are one of the few times I want to use most earbuds – blocking the sound of a tangle – so I found it surprising that some people have the persistent hum. But he, everyone to her own. We all have an own version of celebration.

Update November 11, 2018:

As Bose told, several new tracks were added to the sound library a few weeks, and I now have a chance to examine the process of downloading.

If we have spoken earlier, the files are not played via Bluetooth – they are actually stored on the buttons themselves. Translation of new people is a complete process that is difficult when it comes to.

There are more than 10 new sounds, all of which prevent you from being transmitted – that's pretty cool. I liked very much of her and wanted to download all of my selections to sleeping rooms.

No so.

As soon as I try, you must individually share each new track. Not only that the app warns you that it can take a few hours and that the knee need to be charged by loading it as you surrender.

Through this very special procedure, the app also advises you to survive, while you already use the buds. Therefore, I reduce myself to wait another 24 hours to sleep on the dulcet show of Shoreline.

When I was awake the next morning, only 2% were transferred. I was not happy.

At my second attempt I had transferred the track into work, while the Sleepbuds next to me play sound voices. The railway is delivered with no problems within 37 minutes. My third problem in the same environment was also done in an hour.

I was much lucky with these results and hope that the first failure was just a glitch. So, I could say without the app how to tracks tracks …

Elk. Uncle. Time. I am going. New. To do. It.

I think this booming process is yet another example of first generation knee with the Bose Sleepbuds. I still love what they are, and fully expect that the process is more streamlined and practical in future. But now they can still use some work.

Should you buy them?

While I enjoy my experience with the Bose Sleepbuds, I find it hard to get the prize. The absence of versatility is probably a knock point for potential merchants, independent of engineering and reasoning.

There is also no past that this is a first gene product that is not complete. It can completely cancel a sound, if you notice a track, you can re-write off, you can not play your own content and the camera can be improved further. And then, there is no guarantee that you really work for you until you tried it.

There is a lot to have here, but $ 380 is still a lot to ask for a product with such singular function that has different results of person to person.

But when I said in my first hands – I'm one that has no problems to sleep outside any situation. I do not know what it is to keep up with long term sleep or other sleep problems. If these knees can potentially improve the ability of life to improve their quality of life, they can be good.

But with such a distinct lack of assurance under subjectivity, try a few first. Or if you are willing to take a break, you can get a free 30-day free problem through the Bose website. Make sure you keep your power!

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