Wednesday , October 27 2021

Bitcoin prize returns above $ 4,000 as a sign of bottom emerging


While it was before, there was a chance for a short period of time in the cryptography segment, while the weakness and a stimulating time in some of the & # 39; the failures failed, the rally failed, and counted many monuments to the new countries. Investigation model remains in most cases staying on rare signals and although the top three coats hang over their weekend, the short-term intrigue is intact, while the decline long-term trends are not in danger.

That is, a short time or at least a fast-growing consolidation phase is still in the coming period, according to the deep-paced dynamic lecture and negative feelings. Traders and investors must remain defensive, even in the case of relatively strong coins, and longer positions must only be kept in ultra-short terms with strict risk management to at least a short-term short-term change.

BTC / USD, 4-hour analysis

Bitcoin is just above the $ 3600 support level, although the failure of the gameplay, and it is still clear from the weekend low, even when the declining short term is intact. The coin is still deeply sweaty from a short term perspective, but our trend model remains on rare signals on both time frames.

BTC is a strong resistance in the $ 4,000- $ 4050 zone, with a greater level of resistance before going to & # 39; $ 4450, and between $ 5,000 and $ 5100, while critical long-term support is found close to $ 3000, and traders only need to submit ultra-short term here.

ETH / USD, 4-hour analysis

And nowhere has its test weeks nowadays been in foreign trade, and the coin is well below the past close to $ 120, to be clear on a short-term selling signal in our trend model, while in a strong negative long-term trend are.

That is, a guard over $ 120 can see a more meaningful connection to the recent route, but before now, traders and investors must still attach the positions of the third growth. Primary support is still found in $ 95- $ 100 zone, with further resistance prior to $ 130.

Litecoin sees stability, but Altcoins remains weak by the board

XRP / USDT, 4-hour analysis

The harmful market market remains in the majority of almonds, and even the earlier strong Ripple and Stellar under the clear substitution. Ripple is still in a clear, short-term fashion and on a sales signal in our trend model, and it has undergone the $ 0.355 and $ 0.375 resistance level, while they are well positioned under the key $ 0.42- $ 0.46 zone remained.

The neutral long trendline trend signal is uninhabited with XRP trades above its previous bearings, but traders and investments need not get new positions, with funding levels found at $ 0.32 and $ 0.30.

Litecoin / USD, 4-Hour Chart Analysis

LTC is in recent days relatively strong and it is close to its recent numbers, despite the failure of the # The judiciary's rebound, and the weekend is low now in danger. The coin is on a neutral short term trend signal due to its relative stability, but the strong segment-wide trends and the negative long term, traders have to come only ultra-short term in the market. Strong resistance is still ahead of $ 34.50 and $ 38, while primary support now found close to $ 26.

EOS / USDT, 4-hour analysis

EOSs see relative weaknesses in comparison to the broader market, and the Failure over the key $ 3.50 level in & # 39; recent, failed rebuke. Based on their thirsty trades, traders and investors have to leave the mantle, with our tendency model selling the sun timeframe, and with significant support only found at $ 2.45 and between $ 2 and $ 2.05.

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Disclaimer: The analyst receives cryptography. He holds investment positions in coins, but does not keep in short term or day trading, still maintains short places on one of the # 39; coins.

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