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Back Shock Aeropex Review: The ultimate headphone for outdoor use

I have to be able to hear what's happening around me when I'm on my bike. No offense for motorists that I divide the road every day, but the death rate is just too high for cyclists and I have to protect myself with every tool I can. I also don't need to share where I'm listening to the rest of the world. For some time now, I have met this goal by relying on headphones from bonbons, which make me listen to my favorite podcasts without losing the ability to hear a car of reasonable distance to me.

If you asked me a few weeks ago which headphones were good for outdoor use, I would have given you a long explanation why I prefer Aftershokz headphone headphones, but how can they not be necessary. Bone conduction, by design, includes a vibration against any skin in higher volumes that can feel uncomfortable or awkward. They were water-resistant enough to survive by hitting a rainstorm, but not enough for people who needed more. And if you are opting for bass, you will find headphones for bonkincduction.

That was then. This is now.

Aeropex are the latest headphones for backlash bonkoning, which sent me the company a few weeks ago to try it out. Since that day, I haven't been able to stop wearing in principle, because I don't have to. These headphones do not feel like a compromise, they just feel like great headphones that I want to carry anywhere.

Bone Conduction Grutskens

Back shed Aeropex

Keep your ears free and the sound flows.

Aftershokz is already the name when it comes to high-quality bone-conducting headphones, but Aeropex takes that quality and puts these headphones on the same shelf as any other great pair of sub-$ 200 wireless headphones.

The good

  • Comfort all day
  • Way less pad vibration
  • Google Assistant Ready
  • Solid battery life
  • Improved audio quality

The memory

  • Power button is a bit mushy
  • "Smart" Assistant is not as convenient as Fast Pair
  • I want to configure buttons

Back shed Aeropex Where I love it

Out of the box are these headphones without any backrest. The cover design with a few speaker pads, which, to keep your ears resting with thicker battery sections behind your ears, is basically iconic at this point when following headphones of bonbons (that's a normal thing everyone does, right?).

Unlike the Trekz Air and Trekz Titanium headphones, Aeropex is super flexible everywhere. You can sit on the back of the seat and the headphones will flex to fit you instead of moving the bonfire conductors, for example. It has taken a few iterations to get it right, but with Aeropex the Aftershokz people have nailed it eventually.

The overall sound quality improvement is greatly appreciated.

I fished around in a coffin and expected a Micro-USB as USB-C cable in & # 39; to find a fax, and instead met with a strange proprietary thing. This generation, rear axle, is magnetic for its charger; just drop it on the path, click the magnets, and start glowing the charging light on the headphones. Couldn't be easier, and if you're like me and you guarantee to put this cable in about a week, don't worry – Backbox includes a second cable in the box! This means that I can keep someone in my office and put someone in a small carrying case in & # 39; e box, that is the way it should be when you upload your own loader. In addition, this switch to magnetic due to Aeropex up to 30 minutes is water resistant up to one meter. I jumped the last few weeks into a few swimming pools with the mines, and it works just like advertised.

However, the main event with Aeropex is the sound quality improvements. Unlike its predecessors, the Aeropex spreads the bonfire conduction over the whole path that rests on your head. D is not a separate piece to make the connection. Instead, these headphones simply do a better job of hugging your head. As a result, the conductive surface is much more widely distributed. This means that more of you will absorb the sound, which means that Aeropex can do a little more to deliver better quality.

The results are crystal clear heights and mids, with true bass traveling to your ears. Now, not misunderstood, this is not a kind of bass that my dubstep family would consider enough to get their jam. It's not many from bass, but in contrast to other headphones for bonking, the bass is not completely shattered or changed into awkward vibration. This only enhances these headphones for me, but the overall improvement is sound is deeply appreciated. Owners of former back shoe products will immediately recognize quality improvement, but more importantly people who simply enjoy normal headphones will not feel that this is a serious downgrade. Bone Conduction will never be as crystal clear as anything you put in your ear or cover your ear to absorb, but the sound on Aeropex cuts a lot from & # 39; past predecessor & # 39; I used to do it previously & # 39 I described this tech to people.

Although these headphones are clearly smaller than their older neighbors, the battery life is markedly improved. I could kill the original Trekz Titanium headphones on my bike in about four hours, and while the Trekz Titanium is better, they haven't caught me through a whole day of air travel. Aeropex claims eight hours of power through constant use and supply. It is a challenge for me to turn this into a whole day of use, which is incredible because of the size.

If you include the changes in comfort, I put these headphones on the first thing on several occasions and held them until the end of every day, just about I could.

Although not the most important feature in any world, long press & # 39; an activity button on & # 39; side of & # 39; e headphone access to Google Assistant. This is great if I want to joke another album to listen to, but it's not that complete Assistant access that I really crave. These headphones do not tell me when I received a notification and, for example, let me respond to a message, but it is still a super handy thing to have access if you need it, especially if your rider than you probably should on you bike and your phone is in your jersey pantsuit.

Back shed Aeropex: What I don't like

Like its predecessors, Aeropex has three whole buttons on the body. It's the play / pause and assistant action button and things like that, like a volume rocker. The volume up key is also the power button that allows you to access by long pressing instead of quickly pressing to change volume. However, these volume buttons on Aeropex are a little on the vulnerable side, which means that the headset will actually turn on and off a little more power and focus than I want. It is not an amazing deal, but much harder to make a kind of muscle memory based on my use.

Bone conduction headphones are, by design, a compromise.

The action button, like most headphones, is … fine. It does the whole game / break thing as it should. I can skip songs and invoke Google Assistant with various key combos when I need to, but like most Bluetooth headphones, I have no control over what these combinations are. One of the options when I am not listening to music is the last phone number on my phone has been shortened to & # 39; a new call. When I double-tap the action button, it will call up the last mentioned number. I can't complain how & # 39; if I never used this feature, but you wouldn't know how often I accidentally shut it down. I am sure that this feature is useful to someone, but that somebody is not me and the ability to edit what these buttons do would be great.

Instead of smarter buttons, what Aeropex offers is a "clever" assistant to help with the coupling process. In retrospect, this system calls Audrey, and although it is a nice system and does not come from Google Assistant, it is a little basic. The first time you turn on Aeropex, you get a friendly voice that you run through the pairing process with your phone. It's a friendly enough system, and although I didn't need the help, I can see how it would be useful for many people. Plus, it is available in multiple languages ​​outside of the box and cycling through the languages ​​is a win, which is a great way to do this so many people can use it.

However, while using it, I couldn't help but feel like using Google's Android Fast Pair tech would have made it even less of a hassle. Although I know that back home serves more than just Android users with these headphones, adding this feature really seems to be a huge profit for an already great headset.

Back shed Aeropex: Should you buy it? Absolutely

Bone conduction headphones are, by design, a compromise. You are able to fully immerse yourself in the sound of the ability to hear the world around you. When I sit at my desk, I want big & # 39; cups at & # 39; have a head and I want to disappear into a decent album while I work.

of 5

But if I don't wear those headphones, I already accept some compromise. And in contrast to earlier generations, Aeropex feels no more than a compromise than a nice set of wireless earbuds. I'm not just gonna take this to make me feel more secure, I'm gonna use it for everyone I really enjoy using it everywhere. And on $ 160 I am able to do that without having the feeling that I'm emptying my wallet.

Bone Conduction Grutskens

Back shed Aeropex

Keep your ears free and the sound flows.

Back home is already the name when it comes to high-quality bone-conducting headphones, but Aeropex takes that quality and puts these headphones on the same shelf as any other great pair of sub-$ 200 wireless headphones.

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