Saturday , October 16 2021

APR puppies earn the mongrel & # 39; and get harder at banks

But while the bank pays less money commissions for deadmakers, its president Rob Johanson is not a preference for sending radio commissions all together.

Commissions for brokers is another matter in this bank committee, with interests that lead to poor customer results.

Here is the exchange of Johanson with support assistant Rowena Orr:

Ms Orr: "The people who do you are not on a commission fee?"

Mr. Johanson: "Yes."

Ms Orr: "With the conflicts that pay for a fee on a – based on a commission?"

Mr. Johanson: "But I think – and if I can say, I think the interesting paper about conflicts in the # – that the Commission has available, the burden of structuring this in # how it realizes what I say the objectives are one of the ways people select the way they do not choose the capabilities of the system to make further innovation and cost costs and to make these things adequate, but to deal with conflicts. Let's see how difficult it is.

"So I think the idea of ​​an upcoming committee, even a volume-based commission, if it is well explained – If it is clear to the customer what the consequences are for their liening, or the responsibility of a person who gets the commission is clear who they work – then I think that many of these problems are present. "

This led Kommissar Kenneth Hayne and asked, "Who do you think they are working?"

Mr. Johanson: "I'm clear, they work for the customer."

But the gentleman Johan Johanson briefly ruled out that he ordered the burning of commuters with the company of # 39; the reason that a tracks of tracks do not fall what I think are – not one of the other distribution systems I've described.

Ms Orr: "Is that a reason to keep trackchildren?"

Mr. Johanson: "If it – as a result of traces of traces our customers only deal with banks and bank branches, I think that would be a very bad thing."

Ms Orr: "Why would that be the loss of a trail committee?"

Mr. Johanson: "It can not be the result, but I'm – I know – you know, we make it complete, do not let the other extreme results."

Ms Orr asked, "What do you see if the value of a customer in # Expects the Spy Agency?"

Mr Johanson: "Yes, it can only be if the customer – and the problem is right now, I think the customers are – although some formal official system can be, the client does not know that trails are paid and the amounts A credit has been linked to him, the client is aware of that. Perhaps it is – perhaps the lawyer can do something – in comparison with that. "

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