Saturday , September 25 2021

Aldi Stops Selling Popular Special Buys During Sydney Covid’s Lockdown

It’s the weekly event that attracts huge crowds in Aldi’s middle lanes.

And it is for this reason that the German supermarket chain will temporarily stop some of its popular Special Buys items in stores in NSW areas.

The range with discount usually comes on shelves on Wednesday and Saturday with people rushing in to do a bargain.

But after reaction from radioshock jock Ray Hadley, the big retailer has decided to remove some of its high-demand products that attract large crowds.

“As the lockdown continues, we have expanded our measures to protect our customers,” an Aldi Australia spokesperson told

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“By analyzing historical sales data, we remove a range of high-demand special requirements, such as weighted blankets, TVs and outdoor furniture, from our Wednesday and Saturday sale dates in stores in NSW lockdown areas.

“We will communicate the products to our customers every week.”

During his morning radio show on 2GB on Wednesday, Hadley burned the chain “irresponsibly” for continuing her Special Buys at lockdown after a listener allegedly emailed him a photo of a busy Aldi in the Blacktown hotspot area. .

The image was presumably taken the day after an apartment building in the suburbs was sent into total closure.

“It’s like a plague of locusts when people stand in line to get there,” he told listeners.

“I mean to wicked Aldi, I mean I know you operate here, and internationally, but you can be responsible. Pull your heads in there.”

Hadley said “thankfully” in the photo that he could see people wearing masks, “but there are people next to each other who go for all the gear”.

He urged listeners to “bar” the Special Buys on Wednesday and Saturday before closing his rant by asking the CEO of Aldi Australia to join him on air.

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“Can Aldi director Tom Daunt – do not be afraid of my words Tom – come here and be a little brave, have some balls and say, ‘Yes, you’re right Ray,'” the 2GB host said.

“Irresponsible cr * p, is it.”

Aldi’s spokesman said the retailer understands that Special Buys are stimulating the growing demand and it believes by pulling offers in demand, “it will reduce the reason for someone to leave their home beyond the need to do essential shopping” .

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