Monday , January 30 2023

Activision says it is not satisfied with the sale of fate


For sale Fate 2: Forsaken The announcement today announced that investors are promising quick content models and new forms of revenue for their games, according to Activision's expectations. This is one time Destiny The fanbase is happier than ever before posing a serious question about the future of everyone's favorite booty trolley franchise.

Wow Fate 2, Released in 2017, Activision and developer Bungie worked hard to appeal to as many new players as possible, streamlining the complex system of the first game and forcing all new characters to start from scratch. although Fate 2 I received a more important reception than the first game. Hardcore players did not want it, and within a few months after launch, Bungie worked hard to thoroughly investigate weapons systems, game events and all other mechanics. Productive results.

This improvement Forsaken, And became a critic in September. It is full of level grinding and rewarding activities with cool secrets and killer game content. Destiny The players are happier than ever. However, we did not sell enough copies to meet Activision's expectations. "Some of our other franchises, such as fate, do not perform as well as we would like," the company said on today's phone call.

The news was not a surprise to those who pay attention recently. Last week, Activision began offering PC versions. Fate 2 Free (until Nov. 18), franchise sales are weak. "We have not yet seen the whole core join again. Destiny"Coddy Johnson, Activision COO, says," To date, it has been performing poorly. Some players are in & # 39; Standby & View & # 39; mode. When you go in, you are deeply involved. If not, we now think it is time to regain the players. "

But it can be the same series. Destiny I am really appealing to both hardcore. and Casual player? What does Activision have in mind about the game? And this is hard work. Due to expensive expansions and embarrassing mistakes Destiny A good brand in the minds of many players?

Fate 2Micro-transaction systems are also relatively uncommon. Activision craves investors to be able to have more sweet and sweet revenues.

There was tension between Bungie and Activision. Destiny Even shipped, and for a long time "who Destiny "With this new development, once again the future Destiny It looks.

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