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A medical center named a single mother told to have $ 10,000 for funding for a heart transplant after they said they did not have enough money to handle the procedure


  • Hedda Martin, 60, was told that she could not get a heart transplant at Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, Michigan earlier this month.

  • The patients said that Martin had refused to pay for immune-suppressing medicines that would cause the new heart to be rejected by their body.

  • The client presents a "fundraising effort of US $ 10,000" to count for a transplant.

A 60-year-old woman in need for a heart transplant has problems in # The American healthcare system was released, after they were told by a medical clinic in Michigan to go to GoFundMe to pay for medicines that are needed for the procedure.

Hedda Martin received a letter from a transplantary commission in # 39; The Healthcare Department Richard DeVos Heart and Lung Transplant Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan, earlier this month that they could not have transplanted heart transplants, have no funding for post-transplant immunosuppressive medicines that make the new organ would not be rejected by their body.

"The Committee recommends a US $ 10,000 fundraising effort," read the letter to Martin, which she has recorded on Facebook in a read-out post and was later shared on Twitter by journalist Luke O Neil.

Martin was asked to see the client that they had $ savings of $ 10,000 before they came to a transplant for being told in a Facebook post.

"Only if I have increased that amount, I will then be reinstated" for transplantation, "they wrote according to Splinter." Not automatically added to list but re-created. This is new. "

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Martin has spent $ 4,500 in cash on her Medicare plan and would have to pay $ 7,000 a month to immune suppressive medicines, until she made that amount, according to The Detroit Free Press.

But Martin is off and has no jobs since 2017. She has needed heart transplantation, due to congestive heart disease, they have emerged as a result of chemotherapy that they have experienced in 2005 for breast cancer treatment.

Martin's transplant is part of a major problem

Martin's story was viral over the weekend with a lot of how it marked the used healthcare system in the United States.

Congresswoman selected Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Medicare for All, even shared the post.

Health advocate Matthew Cortland explains why Martin was denied a series of tweets, which states that Medicare has the high level of payment.

Following the advice of the client, Martins son, Alex Britt, set up a GoFundMe on Saturday. The site has been more than US $ 29,000 for Martin's heart transplantation and treatment.

Spectrum Health published an explanation on their website that "medicines are client-based medication," the fact that transplants need sustainable care and immune suppression drugs, and so the costs are sometimes an unpleasant factor in decision-making. "

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Medicare has since 1987 considered transplantation, but the medicines that the body of a person wants to re-evaluate the new body still needs a copy, which costs spectrum for Martin.

It does not remain clear if the medical client contacted the makers of immunosuppression drugs before Martin denied a new heart. Some drug addicts provide discontinuance or free medicine for patients in life-threatening situations, according to the Free Press.

Medical & # 39; is one of the largest categories of GoFundMe

GoFundMe told INSIDER that the website can be a source for people who need help with the upcoming cost of a common health care system.

The company added: "Still, GoFundMe can get critical time for people who see healthcare crisis, we do not want to be a replacement for social security. A crowdfunding platform can not be a solution for complex systematic problems that have to be solved with sinful public public policy. "

"We believe that affordable access to free health is a law, and action must be included in 'local, state, and federal levels of government to make this reality for all Americans," said the statement . "But in the meantime, we will continue to work harder to find a place where Americans can help each other in times of need."

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