Wednesday , June 7 2023

A man's runny nose leaked.


A man in North Carolina said last year that he unexpectedly ruined his family's Thanksgiving from his nose to dinner.

Greg Phillpotts, the local TV station ABC 11, is gathering for a holiday and said his body fluids are fighting with a constant runny nose when he loses his nose.

"I prepared a meal and stood in the kitchen and added it to the ingredients, which ruined the entire dinner," Phillpotts said.

Mr Phillpotts claimed he was constantly treating runny noses for five years, but he thought he was allergic.

"It could be anywhere on the plane or talking to someone, and this liquid will come out of your face."

He called it "annual allergy" and often uses natural medicine to knock his symptoms into his head.

Earlier doctors diagnosed everything from allergies to bronchitis and pneumonia.

After the Thanksgiving event, Phil Potts finally made an appointment at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York in February.

I discovered that what was leaked from my nose was actually a cerebral fluid.

Dr. Alfred Iloreta discovered that Phillopotts suffered from a defect called cerebro spinal fluid leak at the area between the brain and spinal cord.

"To protect the brain from shocks and trauma, the fluid surrounding the brain is leaking," Dr. Alfred Iloreta said.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, patients generally complain about transparent, watery fluids that leak from one side of the nose or ears.

Leakage usually occurs when the patient tilts the head or tension.

Headaches, sight changes and hearing loss may also be present.

Doctors warn people that they should be alert to the constant flow of runny nose from one nostril. The nostrils are intense headaches associated with the salty taste associated with the liquid.

Mr Phillpotts said he was "relieved" that he could breathe back suddenly after undergoing a vision correction surgery.

"I was filling my nose up," he said. "I was coughing all night so it was normal until February.

"You are sitting here. You are a family. I do not want to see pictures when someone can easily fix them."

The story originally appeared on Fox News and was reprinted here with permission.

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