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7 of the best new beauty products from July we add to our makeup bag

Another month, another bathroom bench full of products. We’ve tried and tested a good chunk of this month’s releases – some have slipped right into the third drawer, while others have earned a much coveted spot on smooth bathroom shelves. You are up to your neck in influencers and literally with every refreshment there is something new on the gram. Your heart is pounding. You need to know what is hot and what is not.

Do not get a phrase queen, we try to prevent wrinkles. We have here the best summary in one neat list. Delete your postscript because there are some bangs.

Smart Natural Exfoliant Fan BOA Skincare

First we have the Smart Natural Exfoliant from BOA Skincare. While it may not be the pink faux scarf your favorite drag king snuck over you at drag brunch, it’s just as fabulous. Similar to those exfoliating gloves for satin shower, this exfoliant is chemical free and goes smoothly like a cream. Somehow BOA’s Smart Natural Exfoliant distinguishes between old and new skin, and like the Dyson of our dreams, absorbs only dead cells and allows healthy cells to cool and flourish. It even manages to clear your pores – truly a miracle animal. This small powerhouse has earned a FULL 5-star status on their website, but if you are not convinced, the brand is sure of it and they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you do not scrape it.


Ok admittedly, we love to buy a beauty pageant or hell, even a scam to prevent you from pushing the old bank accounts into the negative. But there comes a time when one simply can not help but dive into the savings for a home-run product and this is that time. We have it over, of course Celletoi, a newcomer to the beauty industry, was born out of science’s first well-being company, Isagenix, which has made a splash in the best way possible. The very tight range is something straight out of a Doja Cat’s Need To Know intergalactic music video, both in packaging and formula. Which, speaking of, are various ingredients like Sodium DNA, a home made multipeptide blend and a highly liquid biosystem called Celletoidermatox Biome. This skincare collection is the investment property of skincare cause, while it costs a nice penny, the reward is limitless.

Lessnleaf by Hyram

Hyram Yarbro is the king of skin-tok. How can we explain his influence ourselves … if you use CeraVe, The Ordinary or a 50+ sunscreen, it’s because you’ve heard of him. Stores were stocked on the edge with CeraVe and when Hyram mentioned it, they sold almost worldwide – he knows what’s going on, and would we trust him with our lives? Yes. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl Selfless. The name of the game for the team is conscious, conscious skin care that is for everyone and boy oh boy have they provided. For a start, thanks to a partnership with non-profit organization Thirst Project, every purchased one provides one year of clean drinking water. The brand’s work with another partner organization, Rainforest Trust, means your money helps combat climate change by protecting tropical rainforests. Moreover, the formulas are not of this world AND the packaging is completely recyclable.

Custom cloud storage

So if you’ve ever given Urban List NZ a book roll, you may have shown this Kiwi brand earlier in the listings and with good reason. Tailor Skincare has natural, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, locally made and scientifically supported and award-winning products that have taken over NZ through absolute storm – and now we can finally get them in Australia. In addition, they are also powerhouses for pro-environment through their orderable refills for their FSC-certified composted glass packaging, and it is owned by the women, so you can feel good about supporting the mills as your cursor slides after that button to choice. We may or may not have clicked multiple times in one sitting.

The Reem And Yassi Flush Blush From Trinny London

Well, the Flush Blush fan Trinny London may seem like a joker card, but believe us, they are the best kind of unexpected. Trinny Woodall is a beauty mega-entrepreneur and English TV celebrity. Based on her more than 20 years of experience in the industry, she launched Trinny London to banish overflowing makeup bags for good and we’d love to see some of that. With this in mind, they collect many crazy-resistant products like our personal fave the Flush Blush. Two new shades that were recently added specifically to the collection are what got us excited this month, enter: Reem and Yassi. The creamy formula strikes like a dream in the skin and never looks exaggerated – they explain this blush as post-pilates glowing in a jar, and we could not agree more.

The basic collective reusable Ultra Infusion Mask

Ohhhh, we love love love this next. Innovation, efficiency and affordability all come together in the form of the Reusable Ultra Infusion Mask by The Base Collective. It’s a reusable non-porous leaf mask to use with your serums that makes your serum at least a hundred times better – at least that’s how it feels when you expose your skin after sitting in it for a while. We love the ear slings that stop the classic leaf mask slip-slidey phenomenon, but the best part of it all is reusing it. Slip it off, let it play and dry and it’s good to go again.

With Karla

That as a super-consumer of beauty it is very rare that something catches and holds our attention, but With Karla by Karla Roccuzzo has done just that. Quickly filling in, the Aussie MUA turned influencer is one of the big dogs of the Australian beauty industry. But a few of her past collaborations have featured a star-studded lineup such as Benefit Cosmetics, Sephora Collection, Giorgio Armani, Mecca Maxima and more. If your fave Aussie star has a nasty beat, chances are it was done by Karla. She (GENIES) came out with a game-changing makeup brush cleaner called Brush Defense. Well now, this is not just a brush cleanser – imagine a waterless cleanser that actually prolongs the life of your brushes, kills 99.9% of bacteria and makeup and is also fragrant with delicious (yet also on the somehow also soft on the skin) scents such as strawberries and cream or caramel sundae. In addition to the brush cleanser, her line also includes a signature-smoothing makeup brush, the Glazed Skin Brush (yes, the inspo was the glossy crispy cream topping we all know and love) and also a stun beauty towel. To be honest, just save the beauty bundle and thank us later.

You should also have storage this great skincare tool.

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