Monday , November 29 2021

With Beyonce as the protagonist Disney learned the first trailer for The Lion King


The first image of Simba, as a puppy Credit: Twitter @DisneyStudiosLA

After months of waiting, Disney began the first trailer of the new animated edition of The Lion King who have large players like Seth Rogan, Donald Glover and Beyonce as protagonists.

In addition, the new payment will have a special perlite and is the participation of James Earl Jones as Mufasa, the same actor who gave the voice in 1994 the movie.

The 1 minute 33 seconds video shows the classic scene where the Simba puppy is offered to the animals of # 39; the savanna or the heiress of King Mufasa.

"Everything that touches the light is our kingdom, but the time of a king goes as a fortune and comes as the sun." One day the sun will rise in my reign and come with you as the new king, "says Mufasa's voice (James Earl Jones), while images of animals look and the beginning of classic" The Circle of Life "begins to sound.

The film has the direction of Jon Favreu, the same that made the last known anime edition
The book of 'jungle', in 2016.

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