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With a thin topless, Dominici received Eva's networks

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April 14, 2019

"End of the Sunday in Buenos Aires," the actress wrote, "It shared a photo session that they made in our country before returning to Los Angeles."


Eva de Dominici is one of & # 39; s most potentially potential artists in her & # 39; a big lieutenant since they traveled to the United States to settle in Los Angeles, the birthplace of Hollywood stars.

The actress goes through Buenos Aires and this Sunday shared a sensual photographic production where it stimulated a fat topping, where they succeed all their fillers and have thousands of interactions.

"End of Sunday at Buenos Aires", De Dominici published in his Twitter account, where he received 82 thousand likes and hundreds of comments just a few hours ago.

Strong story by Eva de Dominici about investing a film director

"A unique beauty, bold and outrageous", "Sos hermosa", "Sos perfecta", was praised by their followers who have also "" previewed Eve's stories published in the photo & # 39 ; they appear in & # 39; pages of a famous magazine.

The Dominici is in a romantic relationship with Eduardo Cruz, brother of the well-known Spanish actress Penelope Cruz. That's why Argentina shares its time between the United States, where it's based on its partner, and Buenos Aires.

The confirmation of love was confirmed by the Dominici in PH, when they were consulted on a tattoo made on their neck and could not hide the truth.

Eva de Dominici derives her name from a friend and explained why he did not do the same

It was Sandra Mihanovich, one of the people invited to the bike who's going through Telefé, the one in & # 39; in detail & # 39; The head of Eva found and then had to know a little more.

"Your friend is called Edu and you have noticed him here," the artist wrote. "Para! Do you have your tattoo named your friend?" Asked Andy the Dominici. "Yes, I am a girlfriend. Edu is called, Penelope's and Monica's brother", said the actress

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