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When will the Super Spin and the Mission Conquer Ball decide when to flood? – 11/11/2018


It rained. And he does not want to stop.

That's right. Almost refrain from the podium. And it is already a biblical flood. But we are facing the end of the world as the marketing slogan said. Then the fans arrive barefoot, bounce, and are enthusiastic. At 6 o'clock in the morning, toads and snakes descend. Nothing is important. If they face the Boca River. But the water is flowing and the question is never ending.

Play contents It will not play. Boca does not leave Intercontinental Hotel. The river leaves Cardales to Monumental, its previous scale. But he does not give up his concentration. People begin to fill La Bombonera. They sing for no reason. Will it play? It is not played. Daniel Angelici says, "Suspended," almost at the same time that the screws have escaped for hours and the ball can hardly roll in a watery lawn. Conmebol spokesman said, "It will be at 16:00 tomorrow." But there are blue and gold presidents like "if time allows …". The first Superclásico Cup will be played this Sunday unless it rains again with the same intensity as Saturday. In that sense, the weather forecast is not encouraging.

then? Shall we play today or Saturday 17th? "We are going to meet with the presidents of AFA and Conmebol.I always have to think about people's first love, how to travel, how to get there, and at the show: the integrity of the players … I was amazed at everything that rains, I do not want to come and leave. "Angelici said when he needed to play the game. The scenario will change after a while. There will be no pope. At 11 am Conmebol delivers the official decision: 16 hours per week delay. Everything that is charged on Saturday 17th … represents the position of playing with the golden timetable of Europe.

It is raining today. From that point of view, no one can question new days and schedule changes. Although from Zurich, Copa Libertadores does not seem to have a good eye for its definition, but South American choice is an exception when planning a two-day friendly schedule and did not mention a player in the Boca and River.

There are details that are not trivial. At the end of a few words and defenders, Superliga confirmed programming on Sunday's games in Buenos Aires and kept the schedule. Angelici is very much in spite of saying that the day is not honest. Regardless of the weather conditions, it is possible to postpone the River Tador Classic again and the display will not overlap.

Boca does not want to know anything about this situation. He disagrees that the direct game against his arch rival will be postponed one week because the river can tear Leonardo Poncio and Ignacio Scocco. "We want to play on Tuesdays or Wednesdays on Sundays or at least on Tuesdays," said Xeneize Secretary General Cristian Gribaudo. The river relativizes this situation. "You will be waiting for Conmebol to decide, and there's no problem playing on Sunday," Udaondo and Figueroa Alcorta said. And they provided five rollers where Boca workers tried to soften the arena and try to absorb the water from the container. "If we do not want to play, why lend him money to help with the drainage?" They added at Núñez.

Guillermo Barros Schelotto has allowed speculation when the river asks about the benefits of having captain Ponzio and spicy forward Scocco. "We will also be getting better," the twins said,. Saturday's coach was able to advance to the quarter-finals with a jaw-dropping goalkeeper, Estaband Andrada, two months before his first game against Cruzeiro.

During the afternoon, Rodolfo D 'Onofrio and Angelici were closer than this week and crossed several calls ahead of suspension. The president of the millionaire did not want to take a bus to Brandsen 805 to see if the team could play Superclásico games. Outside the monument, many fans organized a noisy support banner.

In just 24 hours, 100 millimeters of water has fallen! Planned in November in Buenos Aires. And today, there will be electricity activity. It will be difficult to play Superfine. Of course, unless the sun shines. Now it is not in the plan or in SanPedro.

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