Saturday , December 4 2021

What's new about Barreto: "Vaccines do not do us, they are part of our death" Diary or Cuyo


In her desire to introduce her audience to the Fever program, Gisela Barretose went into a sensitive issue of Public Health.

After the former model was the news for his sexual theory with a glass water, a video clip, he was manipulated for control. Supported by Dr. Chinda Brandolino, a physician who was attacked by legal aborigines, said Barreto to "vacate" vaccines in autism.

"You listen to everything that makes the vaccine and you are sharp, the tetanus-vaccine, according to the doctor, we can design it, there is an attack on the children by the health offenders," he said.

He then said that public policies are part of a plan that "children should get in danger as volunteering must be, you must say no or what they are investigating." The goal of the new world record is eugenica and the vaccine, they want to destroy and control the population, "he said.

If it was not enough, Barreto was also encouraged to write another negative influence of vulnerabilities. "They see the intellectual level of our children, they are directly in the brain of children in the first year of life, facsimiles like mears making autism in children, it's proven," he said.

With an apocalyptic vision he also said that "we are a biological". "We want to destroy at all costs under the robe of mercy that tells us that they help us with vaccines and medicines."

I do not want to impress you to prevent it, but begin to investigate. The videos are on the Internet. It happened to me, I deserve the gruesome and it was the winter that it was sick. As a sick body, what you ask is a rest, health and water. And of course, go to the doctor and I will do an insole.

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