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What is Bover? The revenge of # neutral fans for the arrogance of # 39; the river and the Boca – 11/28/2018


On October 31, Boca was 2-2 with Palmeiras in San Pablo and at that time became the nightmare of much reality: there would be Superclásico in the end of # e Copa Libertadores.

From that moment everything was recorded in that gigantic blood, convinced, grotesque. An incomplete snail that measures the weight and consequence of the passing of days. And that never finds direction. Much worse than this.

The problem is that on that road a lot you saw the ball of one side. They are those who are on their shoulders and are splashed by a request from others. They do not have an invitation to party and, worse, they have the intention to take part.

It was made by a category. They called a structure that they had excluded and stopped their voice to hear, while the most powerful shriek was everywhere.

So was born Bover. And if all that happens in these times is viralized by social networks, Bover is Boca and River. But with each other It is a concept. It is the feeling of injustice by fans of all other Argentine teams.

The Bover shield, the concept that combines Boca and River into one team.

The Bover shield, the concept that combines Boca and River into one team.

There are representatives of the San Lorenzo and Hurricane that they were frustrated with the game they were most expected of the semester were the Superclásico that they will play on Saturday and they can not pass on Sunday, but they did not play.

That too Communications, the same day they expected to show their team in Agronomía against Tristán Suárez, for the 17th date of the tournament of #B Metropolitan and now they have to wait until December 12th.

In Bover are also represented University and San Martín de San Juan They had to try their super league matches against the local soccer players because they decided not to play the Finals on Wednesday evening and to attend the weekend.

Bover is every one of the stars appearing in # table of super league by the arrogant government of leaders led by Dof. Onofrio and Angelici. Bover is central Rosario without knowing if he will play the final of Argentine Cup and Gymnastics on a rival in semi-finals that had to come to the final and finally to the upgrade .

The concept of Bover designed to circulate single mothers circulating on Twitter. And even a shield that maybe blue and gold meets read and read.

The final is the reflection of football or the law of 'jungle'. And in that game, eating is always bigger.

While the game is sold as "the end of the world," while Boca believes that the river has power in Conmebol and Núñez, the same thing comes to La Boca, the fans of & # 39; Expand the rest of the teams that they really do the same.

Which are the two sides of the same coin. Wat River asked in 2015 when the piper gas was laid, now Boca asked the stones to the microphone. And that the man would say that he must play on the right, he now asks for a desk. And contrary. A cataract of missions broadcast on national television at all times of day and on all national channels, newspapers and radios.

It will be fans of the river and the Boca, which obviously shows the mildew and detail dividers. Everyone will see their badges with pride and will see them on the weak points of their maximum rival.

For the rest they know the same.

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