Saturday , May 28 2022

Video: violent intent of robot and a conductor in Caballito – 27/11/2018


It was 43 seconds long since the intent of a robot of a BMW in full board of Caballito.

Las camaras de seguridad de la cuadra filmaron cómo The conductor is resistant al asalto dando marcha hacia, y hacia adelante hasta que los cinco delincuentes desistieron y huyeron.

The success of the sabbatical past, at 17.17, and Thompson at 600, and metros of the avenue Pedro Goyena, which is the security segment of an educator filmmu tua la secuencia, which has the difundida of TN.

Los delincuentes, que eran cinco, se movilizaban en un auto. Along the way to the Thompson and Pedro Goyena, framed by the BMW blanco, which is coming back to the camino.

Fue entonces que del coche bajaron cuatro ladrones armados, said the conductor quoted in a voluntary way. Thousands of BMW cars have come out of their hands.

When the BMW conductor comes back in time, it's up to you los ladrones desistieron del robo, they are subdivided into their cars and places.

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