Friday , April 23 2021

VIDEO: & # 39; Virgin & # 39; shark gives a baby

A male lady who had born on January 3, who was opened by a tanker two days later, has drawn personnel into Urangan aquarium fisheries for answers.

The nerve-racking listeners came from Fraser Coast waters about six years ago and in that time only lived in a tank table Neptunes Reefworld.

Despite the unfortunate run of the hips with a hungry choir or grouper, Sunshine Coast University doctor and bachelor Dominique Potvin said the "pagan birth" was still a fascinating event.

Known as parthenogenesis, Potvin said that the process was a rare occurrence in vertebrate species.

It is common in invertebrate species such as sticks and other fish do not hedge. "It is pretty tough and it's very rare to have all the stars focus on doing this," Potvin said.

"It comes down to it, but we no longer know it in other corners.

"In essence, as a female feeling that a male is not running for a really long time, sometimes their body tries and repeats.

"Normally this would not work, but sometimes the small egg finds what is called a sister polar body, which is as much as two cells together as an egg or a sperm.

Ms Potvin said children's books that were born of this genetic process could be disadvantaged, with a low chance of survival.

"The problem is, if it's happening, it's only genetic baby's whole thing that has to have the thought … with no gene mixing it's most intense that you can be.

"If food is through a coarse, one thing is, but it can no longer survive."

In the last 30 years of the family business, Greg Wolff has seen the local coral and a so-called seafaring recreation by telling himself, but never a shark.

"It's just surprising and it's nice, because your Google has the information as to why it didn't happen, it's not really over," he said.

"Everybody sees sharks in the summer in the four years and things like, but they are much longer here.

"Many things have happened here, that marine biologist shakes their head … the number one thing keeps the coral alive, living and growing in some tanks.

"This is a kind of thing that was hard for some of the marine biologists to raise, but it works."

The baby rake was eaten two days after birth, possibly through a cod.

The baby rake was eaten two days after birth, possibly through a cod. CONTRIBUTED

What the battle said, said Mr. Wolff that it was one of & # 39; e people who were the hungry debts and – without an announcement of the present birth – there was no fitting thought.

"It is just one of many things … it was in a dangerous environment and we didn't go out of any way to expand, besides having a puppy in & water had nothing to do with them. "

"I thought someone decided on one of the cods that they were having more fun.

"We don't exactly know who, but there are only a few fish that are big enough to completely eliminate a full corner."

Mr Wolff said that the aquarium was opened every day from the school association, with staff only satisfied to keep visitors for a meeting and greeting with their star.

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