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Types that investigate illnesses and refrigerators that show movies: the battle for innovation

As Chris Petrock, 47, bought a three-bedroom, three-story house in Norwalk, Connecticut, he decided to expand it into a smart home, where he had the lights, the refrigerator, the thermostat, the televisions, the security cameras and check everything. the rest of your voice or simply press a button on your phone.

Some friends and family were skeptical. "I think many of my friends are so disturbed by them". After that, he bought a package of smart smart appliances from Samsung and other devices; He needed the help of a technique to install the security alarm system.

He said he would like to see the house of his cellphone in one day. "I see my dog. I would like to see what he is. "

But Petrock doesn't do it great, but to increase the value of his home.

"It's the well-being of the future, I know many families want to adopt this technology," he said. "It's great for the return value!"

In 2018, 59 percent of US adults have said they are interested in using a smart smart appliance, according to Forrester Research.

Many have introduced things into the Internet universe of things through the growing population of smart smarters, such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, whose specialists can answer questions, play music, order food, read the news, ask a Uber and check out other intelligent devices they're connected to.

The road to massage from addresses of smart technology at home will probably be long and full of obstacles. Although the number and nature of tasty appliances continually vary, people are slow to buy and install.

"It is a very surprising thing and there is much talk about", Frank Gillett, an important analyst at Forrester, said.

Clothing, configuration and connections of smart devices can be expensive, cheerful and useful. In fact, up to a third of the smart smarters who bought people are still in their boxes, according to Forrester.

"You need people to be patient and much too comfortable after all instructions"he commented.

Security, privacy and trust are still a major concern for those who use spoken speakers. They worried "the big brother listens to you", said Charles Golvin, director of research at Gartner, a research and advisory company.

In a 2017 study conducted by Gardener under the control of the tasty speakers in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany used 44 percent, they say they want to be more virtual to virtual personal assistant applications. Use, like Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant, if all your personal data remains on the device and not stored in any cloud.

It is not surprising that well-known names such as Google, Amazon and Apple are leading the smart-speaker sector, and that big brands like Samsung make their smart smart appliances known. The rest of the universe of intelligent devices becomes fragments.

"Many of the innovations come from emerging companies and medium-sized businesses that have not targeted the topic"Gillett said.

In the realm of smart devices, Samsung has taken the lead.

For example, with your Family Hub, you can see the fridge of your refrigerator from a mobile phone at work, using an appetizer such as InstaCart or Amazon Prime Now to make sure you need it and you have to come back home The rare refrigerator also sends alerts on upcoming feeds and lets you travel through the device Meal Planner will let you say you can delete the items you & # 39; t delete.

The refrigerator has a large touchscreen, speakers and Bixby, the steering that you do when you create shopping lists, post photos, plays and even control other tasty devices, such as lights and thermostats. fridge.

When the family watches a program on a smartphone from Samsung in the living room, the TV special feature can show you the same program on the range screen of the refrigerator.

"People like this feature, especially when they watch sports, if they don't want to lose play while they are cooking", Adnan Agboatwalla, director of innovation programs on Samsung Electronics United States, said.

"The whole ecosystem's key is to make life easy"he commented.

However, the question of leaking devices goes far beyond the devices, lights, speakers and thermostats. Both technological giants and emerging companies provide innovative Internet devices with artificial features at a staggering rank – the more extravagant and special better – while competing to stand in an ever-cozy brand.

Under the newcomers, MassageRobotics is a company that offers massage at home by a few robots. Christian Mackin, the founder of the company, came up with the idea of ​​suffering from throat and relatives in an accident in an all-terrain vehicle in California in 2013. He underwent surgery and later on physical and massage therapies.

Are you a fan of Jimmy Choo shoes? If so, there is a design hat that isn't just elegant, but also signs of chronic illnesses, such as Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer's disease, just because of the measurement of & # 39; a way to you. Jimmy Choo worked with ZhorTech to make Voyager Boot, a boat with a device called Digitsole, that measures food, speed, power, pronation and other measures, while the man walks. The start of & # 39; the new template & # 39; a smart boot from Jimmy Choo is not planned yet.

"There are more seven thousand nervous endings at each foot directly connected to the brain," said Karim Oumnia, director and founder of ZhorTech and Digitsole. In addition, medical studies are a direct relationship between intelligence and neurological illness, he said. "We can maintain the level of disease itself" and follow in time, he said. The Voyagerboat will be available in three styles and will cost between $ 1795 and $ 1895.

In addition, there is the smart and washable QUS sports wood that collects body data such as respiratory rate, heart rate and heart rate variability through sensor wires and a device backed by & # 39; e shirt is. Make the data collected at the special sessions and compare them to the previous ones.

There is also Hip & # 39; Safe, a portable airbag model with a premium of $ 744, and Safe, an airbag bicyclist that automatically learns when motion sensors mean the person falls. , with a price of about $ 700.

Widex creates a narrow author license, which uses artificial intelligence to prevent & # 39; tagging preferences in & # 39; teach and adjust a real time, and present a few rentals without battery.

For those who have a cat, there is iKuddle, an intelligent sandfish with a cost of $ 299, which you find when the cat enters the coffin, deodorizes the air and packs the express in small keys for easy realization. In addition, everything can be checked by request.

On & # 39; you can see EyeLights & # 39; using an e-poor device, which shows a driver can see GPS indications, music playlists, and incoming options through a holograms that & # 39; t be at & # 39; a car appears. On the desktop of a car, there is a device that is comparable to a tablet and, if connected to the GPS of the phone and to the music applications, projects the indicators or title of a song at & # 39; a windshield, until a sufficient size so that all the car can see it. It is activated by voice or gesture so that the driver never needs his eyesight to operate it.

EyeLights expected to get Eyedrive in February and sold for $ 299.

The catalog of fun, cool and printed smart devices is officially infinite and continues to expand every day. At last, no clue at home will look the same. Everything will depend on personal preferences.

"You can't make a house that does everything to make it magical like the one in Los Supersónicos"Gillet said.

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