Friday , July 30 2021

Trump at the newly attacked the Fed and probably called it monetary policy

"If the FED did its job well, and not, the brand would rise from 5,000 to 10,000 points, and the BIP would be above 4% instead of 3%, with almost zero betting", Sei Trump.

The US President then defined the policy of & # 39; killing & # 39;

"I should just do the opposite", that is, keeps the rates low, he thought.

Also the economic adviser of the White House, Larry KudlowHe said on Thursday that he still has confidence in Jerome Powell's federal reserve form, but that the president goes with his plan to become a controversial governor supporter & # 39; to name an institution.

In an action sponsored by The Hill, Kudlow said the White House "currently holds" Herman Kain as his candidate for a seat on the Fed's boardAlso, several Republican senators spoke against that.

Tromp He also wants to keep the process, which, despite the allegations of abuse against his candidate, former director of a pizza company, said Kudlow.

The controversy over the possible appointment of Cain, next to the economic commentator and follower of Trump Stephen Moore, continued on thursday. Certain civil servants and interests from both sides support & # 39; parliamentary bread Powell as is the need for the FS to keep track of the influence of politicians in their decisions about interest rates.

"The FS President is the leader in the world of central banks, now, thank God, President Powell is there, but the fact that he is dealing with a politically motivated Fed is very dangerous", said the speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

The "completion" of central banks by national leaders has been blamed for various economic problems, from hyperinflation to giant debt that is used to fund projects with the hope of winning exchange funds.

Moore recently said he wanted Trump's policy, because he needed his relief for the economic success of his country and that he was fighting what he found "growing phobia" within the Fed .

The Vice-President of the Fed, Richard Clarida told an event that "we are responsible for Congress, the Fed is a creation of Congress by statutes, we have a very clear mandate in black on white (…) that is the maximum employment and price stability ", not the maximization of the growth of British Domestic Product growth.

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