Monday , November 29 2021

Through the Argentine crisis, the use of the Cencosud is a 60%


Cambios en el retail

The opening ceremony of the impact of the appeal in Argentina. Pero reports about a great crack in the world's real-world media marketing

Cencosud, the South American merchant, has joined the cats as Jumbo and Disco, indicating that its September accounts for 58%, with $ 49,387 millions of pennies ($ s74 millions), as a result of the ceremony and inflation that will hit the operation in Argentina.

Además, The entity ligada to Horst Paulmann indicates that the ingredients for $ 6.690 million ($ 10 million) have already reached a quarter, that is 12% in terms of the preceding year, según recoge Diario Financiero de Chile.

"The application of the IFRS IAS29 standard for Argentina – which reflects the effects of hiperinflacionarias economics – and the weakness of the consumer, affecting the ingredients and the EBITDA margins of the quarter," said the company.

In relating to the sale of fixed assets, during the first quarter, the company registers a ganancy for sale on the terrains. Sin embargo "is a tragedy and the fortunecimiento of the median balance of optimization of the capital of labor and the impetus of impetus for the aperture of the Bolshoi Divine Comercial Divorce," explains.

No obstacle to the impact of the lawsuit, the retail chain will be able to achieve a positive impact: the growth of Internet sales of 24.1% of the retail business registered a 24.1% growth, with a growth of 41.8% in the año, Detalla Diario Financiero.

"Taking the Supervisor of the Supreme Court of Chile, the ingredients have been launched at the expense of express service Jumbo Ahora and the pilots with the latest operators in the operation of Tulu and Supermercados in Mejoramiento de Hogar and the Department for the Implementation of Major Technologies have been authorized to aggravate tiempos de entrega ", sostuvo Cencosud.

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