Monday , May 17 2021

Three new suspects in Epuyén

The "daily contingency report", signed by the director of the hospital in the Province of Chubut, Ricardo Jiménez, has called "Telam Access", with an epidemiological record three suspects, compatible with the homeopathic tissue Isolated, in ambulance successful with good evolution ".

Epuyén registered four cases confirmed as a positive contribution to hantaviruses, certified by the National Institute of Infectious Diseases "Carlos Malbrán", where the problems were sent, which one was fatal, two still in & # 39; the intensive cameras, another in the council was demolished and the rest was past last week.

The authorities of the Ministry of Social Affairs asked the presence of a team of Nation specialists who were expected to reach mid-week on a medieval week to establish a strategy to fight the disease, # 39; t contain annual reports that specialists of Río Negro shared.

The most common type of epidemic infection is by the cycle referring to the small nail "Oligoryzomys longicaudatus", known as "colilargo mouse" in # 39; The region, in the region, it's mostly in the bloom of # , that is their favorite food and generates a lot of seed in the thriving stage, very rich in nutrition.

Once in the human body, hemantavirus pulmonary syndrome causes high fever, muscle, headache and headache.

After a few days, the respiratory problems cause severe conditions that, if not checked, the death of toddlers caused by respiratory insufficiency or shock if the lungs are much fluid, in a complex situation for the hospitals, # 39; t There is a specific treatment.

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