Friday , April 23 2021

This country is already the second largest economy in the world

China remained the second largest economa from & # 39; e world in 2018, the commissioner of the National Statistical Team, Ning Jizhe, declared. In 2017, the Asian domestic (BIP) product of the Asian country reached 82.71 trillion yuan or 12.86 trillion dollars.

According to published data, Chinese GDP grew by 6.6% in 2018, which is the least result on the country since 1990, but this figure is virtually the same as the annual growth of 6.5% by the authorities. It is also reported that in the fourth quarter of 2018, the GDP growth rate was 6.4%.

Commercial speech with the United States

The trade conflict with the United States does not affect the Chinese economy, "said the chief & # 39; e National Department of Statistics of China.

The officer noted that the opposition between China and the United States began to rise in the second from last year, and the Chinese government took a series of measures to stabilize employment, financial, foreign trade, foreign trade. to provide funds and investments.

"Speaking of the economically-handy discrimination, they not only affect China's and the United States economy, but the world economy," said Ning Jizhe. Beijing and Washington will be trading, as President Donald Trump in July 2018 rates up to 25% on Chinese imports worth $ 50 billion, to make the deficit unfavorable to the US in some bilateral change.

Beginning of December, at & # 39; run from & # 39; a group of & # 39; e top of & # 39; a summer month, the leaders of both countries lent a weapon in & # 39; a commercial.

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