Wednesday , June 16 2021

They will invest $ 15 million in a & # 39; low cost & # 39; network; service stations throughout the country

The brand "I go with energy" Bought an investment plan from US $ 15 million to develop, in the next three years, a network of 100 low cost station stations, with the effort to offer naphtha and gasoil grade 2 at the lowest brand price.

In a competitive context due to the arrival of the brand of new operators such as Raizen, Puma, Golf and Dapsa, The first low cost power network will be sought to give value to white stations or those of third-party flags that would generate more beneficial long-term commit links.

This was explained by the commercial director of Voy, Osvaldo Valsangiacomo, by marking this "The empty concept means no poor quality, but rather a more efficient logistics and marketing, of which savings make for better price for the final consumption and more profitability for the operators".

Voy belongs to a group of national capitals with more than 20 years in the sector Presented by companies dedicated to the design, refinement and transport of copper wells, making the brand the official distributor of RefiPampa, the first intermediate refinery with its own pipeline.

The brand has had its first service station in Buenos Aires Junín since May, in the area of ​​its refinery and distribution box and for 2019 the plan projects to understand 25 new mouths in the city center of Buenos Aires, where it already has a larger presence in a group segment connected to agricultural service.

In that first object, lThe advantage is to reach 100 stations in a period of up to three years, The Valsangiacomo rated a 15 million US $ investment, shared with each station's operator that it is not interested in coming to the market.

"This first development will optimize logistics costs, which are included in the operator and offering suggestion prices for grade 2 feels – naphtha and diesel – among the oil companies on the are influential and competitive in the premium products, "explained the manager.

For group growth, Voy often found itself faster on a regional market when demanding a differential price strategy, thus guaranteeing the lowest value for 2-diesel, and not as much in & # 39; e marketing and conceptual development of sales mouths.

If it happens in every chain, the service from & # 39; s service station is replenished by offering other services such as washing and greasing, but mainly by the so-called convenevel stores, with which the brand is re-branded developed.

Due to the lack of critical masses to offer franchise stores, The first strategy is to reach a common identity in & quot; branding & quot; and associate the policies of a commercial profile with the characterization and demand of each region.

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