Friday , April 23 2021

They traveled to Barreda's house to celebrate a rat country

Twenty-six years after the battle by the dentist Ricardo Barreda, the case shocking the city in 1992, controversy remains.

The home's future lies at 48 between 11 and 12, one of them since years has been retained in a litigation that is unable to operate.

Although there are plans to make this house in a help center for victims of ordinary violence, so far it is not possible that this project is just because of the legal obstacles that exist.

With this panorama, the place will remain in a total state of being. Apart from some investigations of justice, nothing has been reached since the tragedy has been reached.

It's like the neighbors of last week's & # 39; They were asked to go to the municipalities for the last time because the lack of maintenance of this place, to confirm them, has become a litter of rats.

It's that the recent cases of hantavirus have been found in their province but have alarms in & # 39; set a neighborhood and already warned only.

Eventually, after this afternoon and after getting the court authorization, the municipality came out to carry out the wheelchair in an abandoned house. Men entered with special suites to place the birds and set the bay (poison) so that they reduce the rats and nails that they inhabit.

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