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They stole the iPhone and activated the application and went to the Villa Zabaleta with the police. What happened?


A 34-year-old man Violent armed robbery Where the cell phone was stolen iPhone and Mac computers Last Friday near Parque Patricios. Mobile Phone Tracking Service "Find My iPhone" application I was able to detect where his belongings were and I thought he would give it back for a while. The city police wrote the application with him. Villa in Barracas ZabaletaOne of the biggest compromises in the federal capital.

The man was 2m away from the target., Along with the Gendarmerie Post viewing the scene with the 28 police officers, But I did not receive the call again. The reason, according to his story, seems to be noticeable.

About 11 o'clock in the morning, Sebastián Bof quit his job and went to a car in Avenida Colonia and Mutualismo., Technology district area. He carried his backpack with two essential elements of everyday work: a laptop and a mobile phone.

As the victim says. InfobaeBefore riding on his car, he stopped the Black VW goal on his side. Two young men between the ages of 22 and 27, both armed, came down. One pointed the gun to the young man's head and the other pointed to his chest.. He did not resist. He passed his backpack and the thieves fled.

victim He returned to the office and called the police to deliver the details of the criminal vehicle. I tried to stop it, including the patent. In the meantime, he tried to use his cell tracking service.

A few minutes later, he went to police station 28 and filed a complaint. In a few minutes He was able to tell that his phone was in Villa Zavala, 10 blocks from the Hurricane Club court and his work.

Police officer I prepared a patrol car to go there. They loaded with weapons and left wearing vests. Bof is traveling in the back seat, Open the door of the police cell phone to heat the vehicle.

Upon arriving at Zabaleta, Sebastian quickly identified the Volkswagen goal. It was in the box door just before the Gendarmerie holding eight armies guarding the area. The iPhone's tracker still pointed to the same thing. The stolen phone and computer are in a black car just two meters away from the patrol car. They may only be in the car trunk. The victim doubted. The backpack was not visible. They took photos with complaints.

The police Prosecutor's Office No. 58, The intention is to commence the recovery of the stolen goods. According to Bof's testimony, "there was intention." On the other side of the phone the voice gives them something negative. "Retreat, you are changing the peace of the village", Bof says he heard.

"The police officer pointed out that I was there and that my geographic location information was in my car. The prosecutor forced the police to leave the place. We go back to the police station and show that the mobile phone changes position on the map. Return to the same place as before. The police officer who calls for help calls the director, who calls someone. If you ask for permission, they give it to you. So we go back to the cottage."Sebastian said.

At that point the young man warned of the possibility of shooting, He thought he would arrest the defendant and retrieve the stolen goods.

Once on the spot, the victim confirms that the object still exists on his phone. "At a glance, a 10-year-old boy from town appears, takes pictures on his cell phone and runs along the corridor," he observes. "They told me and went to warn the people."

According to Bof's story, A few minutes later, a woman came out of the house that she said was her niece's car.a. When he suspects that he belonged to one of the two young men who robbed the gun, M. G., and $Fine 36,000.

"They tried. I negotiated with the lady and brought my things and everything was in good condition.No one has entered the village and everything will be fine. But she disappeared in 15 minutes. He repeated that he could not find his nephew and no one gave him the ball. Four gendarmes have appeared. We told them what happened to them, and they were amazed as if they were fresh. "The victim said.

The police called the prosecution again on the 58th to take the car. The judge again ordered the car to leave.At the same time, he asked the complainant to re-examine it. "All of my things have done nothing, and the child who stole me is free and can kill.", Complained to Bof. He added: "He was afraid, but he did not fight, and we are angry." Your phone no longer shows signs of location.

That Technical district of Parque Patricios made by the Buenos Aires government in 2008 To own an information and communications technology company, you will be bounded by Sáenz, Boedo, Chiclana, Sánchez de Loria and Brazil, Alberti and Manuel García roads and Avenida Amancio Alcorta roads.

Finally, it was a great help to the area in relation to building growth and urbanization. There are dozens of companies involved in computer science. And the latest generation of electronic devices. However, according to Bof, The growth was not accompanied by security measures.

"Everyone working in this area is equipped with the latest technology, which is Disney for those who steal it."He concluded.

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