Sunday , December 5 2021

They predict that Argentina will be the Mecca of e-commerce


The electronic trading market in Argentina will increase 83% between this year and 2022, reaching a value of 19,200 million dollars, according to the data of a global business of payment technology.

The estimate is based on the expansion of mobile services and new payment methods, such as electronic wallets, and the inclusion of & # 39; the card.a debit card could not be used up to two years ago.

The report of the company Worldpay indicated Argentina "It is under the market that experienced the fastest development of mobile commerce, growing at an annual rate of 26 percent."

"The local market is composed of 44.7 million consumers, of which 81 percent have access to the Internet," he confirmed.

How much of the most used payment methods is the credit card first in # ranking with 26.7% of # the transactions so far in 2018.

Secondly, electronic bronze arms (22%) followed by bank transfer (14%), debit cards (10%) and cash at delivery (8%).

"The clay between credit cards and electronic weapons is, however, concluded in relation to the behavior of online payments from Argentinian consumers", the report added.

The passage is that electronic raw materials are the most used payment method from 2019.

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