Sunday , May 16 2021

They mentioned a black widow: he drove men and suggested them

widdow black robbery.mp4

Security camera's of the building of one of the victims registered so robbed

Everything started with an appeal after 911. A mobile phone from # 13 municipal council bureau # 39; The town went to the house and found three men striving. One of them was the one who contacted the authorities and with another, they had injured the third with the same modality.

the black widower.jpeg

The men had to work together, starting their cases in the networks and preventing them A false profile in the social network "Hornet" organized a false encounter with the suspect, in order to tell the police.

The victims report that the mode operated by th, known as "black widower" Delinquent was to arrange arrangements by establishing social networking and then terminating the meeting in the house of the victims, he threatened to kill the victims and escape. The security camera of one of these buildings registered the moment he came and hours later he was carrying a suitcase and a cup.

The young man was transferred to the college of Mayor No. 7 and stood at # 39; the sale of the National Criminal and Housing House No. 52 by Dr. Romano. According to the patients, there would be at least 7 other similar cases of accusation.

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