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They look for one of the oldest stars in the universe.


They look for one of the oldest stars in the universe.

Astronomers discover one of the oldest stars in space.

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A little after 13.5 billion years, the star baptized as follows. 2MASS J18082002-5104378 B is a true star relic.

It's not like that. The first star created just after the Big Bang.But the only one who is close to us really does research it.

Scientists believe that the star's body is about 10% So it has not been detected for a long time despite being in the Milky Way.

It is thought. The star was formed very early in the universe life when there was no metal.

Until a few years ago, all the first stars had already burned fuel and exploded a long time ago.

But, In the last few years, an "extremely poor metal" star has been found., Is said to be the oldest.

This object is the second poorest metal after Red Giant 1523-0901, Known as the & # 39; galactic fossil & # 39; and is considered the earliest star of the galaxy at the beginning of this century.

expert They place a new & # 39; star near the hydrogen flammability limit.This means that if the mass is low, the inflammation of the first chemical element did not occur.

This discovery is an important step in understanding how the universe began.

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