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They found the woman who showed up from the hospital with symptoms of hantavirus – 01/22/2019

The woman with symptoms of Hantavirus escaping from the Zonal Hospital of Caleta Olivia before the isolation was isolated was found by the healthy authorities, as confirmed this morning by Santa Cruz's government. To the light of & # 39; an alarm to escape & # 39; a woman from the hospital in the north of Santa Cruz with symptoms of hantavirus, ordered the provincial council to find their place of residence: she was with her son in & # 39; I had never left.

At the moment, the foundations were woman with her son, so from & # 39; a medical team that was involved in the case was decided to analyze the entire family group to confirm or not the integration of the food that is exciting for all Patagonia As confirmed that the infection is going, should your whole family relationship be isolated become as prevention and so that the virus is not expanded.

Perhaps, the woman spent days in Esquel, where she could have contracted her hantavirus, although it was still unconfirmed, because she only presented and escaped symptoms from the hospital for her. can be analyzed. As a positive, it would be the first case to arrive in Santa Cruz, after the outbreak occurred in Epuyén at the beginning of December and that caused the death of a 14-year-old teenager, the first victim of & # 39; a virus that crawls the long removing mouse.

It is not yet known why woman had left the hospital, a few minutes after the hospital. He tried himself for having had symptoms with the hantavirus compatible. But without explicit, he left the hospital in the healthy authorities.

So far, respiratory isolation has been the only method found to stop the distribution of the virus that has been terminated in Chubut, 11 lives, including a woman in Chile. There are 28 confirmed cases in Chubut, but in the last 15 days there was no new, although a woman's death in & # 39; a city of Trevelin.

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