Friday , April 23 2021

They fell innoculously and a neighbor for women's crime

A neighbor of women who was killed in Chacabuco was arrested for sharing in & # 39; e crime, so there are already two suspicions in the case. It's about Juan Ignacio Steurer (30), who was killed by the police, while the other was arrested, a victim of a victim Cristian Candia Guerrero (19), will be investigated for the crime of "spoiled gift".

In possession of Steurer, a cellphone of similar features was provided by the women Silvia Pereyra (59) The troops also carried a raid on the home of Sturgeon's parents, where they found a few shoes with bloodstones, which are similar to the track of footprints on which the center of & # 39; The crime was found and assessed.

In addition, they are constructed in a building a slaughter fighter with a white dumbbell that is analyzed to determine if it was used to pay the crime. Pereyra's crime was on a house in Santiago Roca on Saturday 79. According to researchers, the victim changed messages on WhatsApp with his daughter Eliana, 31 years old, until he did not reply. She went to her mother's house and found her killed. The door was not forced.

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