Tuesday , January 19 2021

They explain to the judge who ordered the use of chlorine dioxide: “Medicines should not be prosecuted”

The controversy continues regarding the death of the 92-year-old patient who died of covid and who, by decision of the Justice, was given chlorine dioxide as medical treatment.

And is that now, Federal Judge Javier Pico Terrero was announced this Tuesday, 01/12 for criminal “Interference in decisions that are foreign to the law and good for medical science” after accepting the precautionary measure as valid that it contained Otamendi and Miroli Sanatorium to treat a patient in critical condition with coronavirus with chlorine dioxide and that “they could have interfered” at the death of the patient.

According to the complaint, legal abuse could have affected the death of Oscar Jorge García Ra “From the order of application of medical treatments not authorized by the Anmat, without scientific studies of proven effectiveness and without clinical trials as established by the legislation in force in our country.”

“Medicines should not be justified, the medical criteria that have scientific distinction and support in legally recognized medical associations and scientific societies should be respected”, continues.

Mischanchuk pointed out that the magistrate made room for the court presentation made by the stepson of the deceased to receive “urgent administration of ibuprofen sodium nebulizers and the application of chlorine dioxide”, and order to the sanatorium port to “ensure the implementation of the treatments prescribed by your treating physician“.

The lawyer warned that “The judicial decision could establish jurisprudence to prescribe treatments that are not authorized by the corresponding regulatory entities.”

“It is necessary to know if the magistrate’s decision is based on scientific evidence, or, quite the opposite, we face a possible interference by a man of the law in medical science,” he said. point out the complaint.

In addition, he stated that it should be determined “If the magistrate’s order was complied with, in what dose would the therapy be administered and who provided the products to determine if this was related to the patient’s unfortunate habit.”

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