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They confirm the release of Víctor Manzanares, the former bookkeeper of Cristina Kirchner – 05/17/2019

Víctor Manzanares, former bookkeeper of "Kirchner's family" he was released In two files there & # 39; t had it for preschool. After the order of the Federal Chamber of Buenos Aires, the judge Ariel Lijo – it is doing his colleague's court Claudio Bonadio while your license lasts – He ordered his freedom many days ago in the cause of & # 39; e notebooks from farmers. Now, the federal anywhere court 5 (TOF 5) is the one that "" focuses on the former money chairman, in a file known as Los Sauces, He released him on Friday this Friday and will further integrate the Protected Witness program. His direct release was ordered

Wounded by the conditions of your accommodation as a beneficiary of the Protected Witness program – was in a sheltered house where he could not survive where in case he had told the notebooks – Manzanares had asked for his move to a more pleasant place, as a previous step in leaving from the program and ask his return to Marcos Paz. Now before the volunteers in the two cases there, he was busy, will continue with part of the program that depends on the Ministry of Justice.

A few days ago, the bookkeeper got the release in the & # 39; case e notebooks from the United States, which investigated a structure of collection of illegal funds by the former government presence of contracts of & # 39; a state.

While He tried to observe the rules of his dwellings, – Moon man considered that stopping at a place without getting out was inferior to a prison, Manzanares lawyer, Roberto Herrera, split in parallel with a request for release, to the Buenos Aires federal highlight for such a request. Then, in a short resolution there, he agreed Clarin, Court of Justice Lijo – responsible for the Bonadio court until May 22 – order his release.

"With the passing of days, the information that is (in case) brought to the research subject's topic is part of what was determined by the evidence present, added to that the species values ​​indicated are those you got with the question money and that would be confiscated, soand argues that the procedural risk of flight or reconstruction is in part 's research, as punished as a result of a conviction, "Judo Lijo's right said at a time.

Manzanares He was also prevalent in Los Sauces. In this research, the judge Bonadio punishes him as a member of an illegal society who was dedicated to the acquisition of capability by the corporate group of the company owned by Cristina, Máximo and Florencia Kirchner.

This case is addressed by the TOF 5, which consists of judges Daniel Obligado, José Martínez Uriburu and Adriana Pallioti. In the & # 39; s resolution there & # 39; t he matched Clarin, they decided to free themselves and share it from the "Protected Witness" program, they did not attempt to set up electronic clocks on it, while not compensating it with the controls it received as part of the program.

For Lijo, who first killed him, the former accountant of Unidad Ciudadana's senator, "has not included a convicting background, and declarations of rebellion in his power and still less doubt about his identity. " It was found that the risk was lost to his prison, he became the volunteers & # 39; given a case of "crawler browsers", where & # 39; it is pursued for money retrieval, in & # 39; the chapter that investigated the leakage of funds. Daniel Muñoz (former secretary of Néstor Kirchner) and the closest neighborhood.

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Under the same line of argument, the TOF 5 was issued, which & # 39; t, as Clarin, Cristina, Máximo tries to drive Florencia Kirchner and the former bookkeeper, stored in money for money in September.

In this case, sub-species were investigated by the Los Losces Estate, which was the main trader Lázaro Báez and a Cristóbal López that represents 86% of the & # 39; s corporate fort.

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