Wednesday , May 12 2021

They burned in his house, followed the thugs and died on the street of a heart attack

The attack took place on Saturday in # 39; There are 600 Viviendas de Lomas de Tafí, in Tucumán. According to police, at least six people are violent in the morning of the victim: "They beat the owner with a firearm."

Reported The Gazette, his son heard an explosion at the door and saw in life a couple of strangers, the father hit a piston in his face and asked for his money.

According to the story of Granero's son, the dumplings of herds and poles were intercepted when they saw him and killed him. Then they closed in the room with his mother. "The silver, the silver they've just laid, where is it?" Strangled the strangers.

The researchers, based on the testimony of witnesses, knew that the attacks in front were knowing that there was money in the house. It was learned that the victims in recent days have significantly reduced a significant amount, according to the son, "of his work in rent or other money." The official report says that "they have asked all the questions to ask the money." After 20 minutes the criminals left the house. Perhaps they were discovered at that time where the cards were stored. "Come, come on!" Call one of the group members.

Barn was after the accusers. They built a pistol and climbed into a Fiat 147 car. The man dropped two blocks from a police station to the ground.

The victim was re-opened in a police phone call, after the CAPS San Rafael. If the assistant center was closed at that time, the man was called to the Avellaneda Hospital, where they found that he died of a heart attack.

According to the complaint, One of the famous recipients that past weeks he was known for acquaintances, through WhatsApp, photographs of the money Barn had announced. Besides money, the criminals took three TVs, a shirt of San Martin and four keys.

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