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They are investigating whether the parents of the baby found in a washing machine have a hidden plan

The new evidence of the study is to explain the purpose of the couple to conceal pregnancy and birth

About a month ago, a baby was born after he was born in a department in Paraná. After discovering the body in the washing machine, the researchers decided that the cause of ' The death of missing a sticker was not enough support.

What has not yet been determined as the victim's death is just one of the & # 39; Parents are equivalent to either the two. The accused says he was not aware of what happened, but the mother of a baby says, meanwhile she was forced by the girlfriend to make use of these circumstances.

The event occurs on 9 November Florence Yedro, 25, decomposed in her home and was taken over Javier Weisheim to the hospital. Since then, the young woman remains in a delicate state hospitalid.

Florencia Yedro and Javier Weisheim are the most important suspects

In & quot; study revealed evidence about an intended plan Florence en Javier to hide pregnancy and heels. Still, the dawn of the grandfather was compensated for, came in & # 39; the serious state, and the baby died, hiding in a washing machine.

In an informative statement, Florence said she was the violence of her partner and she hid the pregnancy and forced the birth Weisheim. He, on the other hand, ensures that he does not know the situation of & # 39; the delivery is tomorrow.

The mother said she was a victim of sex victims

The researchers found that the difficulty did not want and the families of a few were not aware. In addition, they have determined the mobility analysis that they have been searching Internet for you to continue with a home stay.

Currently, the outcomes of pathologist anatomy studies are expected to indicate that the delivery is stimulated. Another scientific evidence that is sought and still is stored is DNA to establish the father of a home country Weisheim.

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Horror: They found a fetus of 7 months inside a washing machine

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