Monday , May 17 2021

These are the skins you're coming to the Christmas part of Overwatch

[ACTUALIZADO] In the past night, the official overwatch account announced a new challenge for the Christmas tree. It's about Widowmaker, what will be thematic of a winter sports that combines shooting with shooting, biathlon.


Inverlandia will put in the final touch this year in Overwatch. The following 11 December will be the event where items and festive elements are in the top box of the game and will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

If we come near this date, Blizzard begins a number of new aspects this service is offered. Everything started with a skin for Zarya, Zayra Skier, the # 39 opens the space of these new buildings that will occur.

Lúcio 's turn, Afocuses Lucio This was officially known, with a slightly modified image of this character. The last one has been affixed Mercy, the # t It will be called Sugar Plum Fairy and it will be a legendary aspect.

We will be very concerned to all that today is in Twitter account of Overwatch in which will continue to follow aspects of this Christmas Day with which it closes the year 2018.

* Header images owned by Blizzard

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