Friday , July 30 2021

"The two goals are good for the rematch" – 04/14/2019

It was a special night for Ariel Holan. This Sunday, the first 100 games were held for Independiente. And in spite of it 2-3, the DT was relatively satisfied with what his team La Paternal has.

"We knew Argentinos was an intensive team, with many young guys doing it a lot, with complicated transfers, the game we expected was the one you were." His analysis began.

The DT has the goals of Pablo Pérez and Cecilio Dominguez value, think about the rematch on Sunday at Avellaneda. "Tasks are one of the positive aspects, we would like to play differently in this difficult game, but the good thing is that both goals are right for the rematch at home", he said, even for criticism for the three goals that & # 39; 39, he received. Your team

For Holan, the stadium was an essential factor in the development of the game. "The dimensions of the rights affected the process, not the result, Argentinos is a team that doesn't make the game if you want, Argentinos' merit doesn't let us build a game."

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