Thursday , June 24 2021

The thief who fell to the Swedish tourist fell | Chronicle

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A subject, accused of being the Swedish tourist Christoffer Persson, was arrested in the Maciel island, from the Buenos Aires area of ​​Dock Sud.

The individual identified as Roberto Leonel Gramajo, nickname "Chicho", was syndicated by another battle arrested last Thursday as a material writer from a raid on" European ", in a visited attack near Buenos Aires from San Telmo .

The catch of it Chicho was responsible for the Brigade of a municipality 1 of & # 39; e Police in the city that made intelligence business with the malvivians.

The fact

It happened in the night of December 30, around 22, at the intersection of Tacuarí and Venezuela, one block from 9th Julio Avenue, in Buenos Aires near Monserrat.

Police sources report that the Swedish tourist went with his girlfriend, called an Italian journalist Maria Izzo, then, it was surprised by an armed criminal who moved in a car.

The thief, who has seen a cape, came through the left rear of the bike, arrived at & # 39; a tourist with a pistol & # 39; a hand and pointing at his breast to deliver the cellphone.

In the video that was broadcast it was clear that Persson woke up, he ran the gun with his hand and in that movement the gun was secured and the pit was seen in the middle. The thief said back in the car and escaped.

According to the sources, members of the city police were already captured at 911 and when they arrived, they received an ambulance from the Emergency Medical Attention System (SAME).

The man was taken in a brave hospital, where he was treated by medical staff, who had earned his leg for the injury.

The Swedish tourist stayed for more than 20 days in the Argeich Hospital, until he left and still wanted to earn money to return to Sweden, where he continued the treatment.

Thus he was shot:

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