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The taxi driver has got a bit of a motorist's in a coma

A 52-year-old taxi carrier has been given a serious condition after the ringing of a ticket for a traffic dispute that caused a head-start in the Buenos Aires party of Ensenada, current police sources.

This is Jorge Alberto Gómez who runs a black Corsa on 126 and 50 streets when he was running in a man who identified himself as Esteban González, who runs a white fire from VW Amarok.

According to the researchers, to an argument, González went out of a truck and gave him a damnable beats, which hit a rich kitchen and birds, that they were captured by the security cameras of & # 39; e congregation.

Everything that happened was appraised by the employees of the Ensenada controversy center, who immediately sent the police and an ambulance.

Shortly after, Gomez was transferred to the Cestino hospital in Ensenada, where he declared his condition "reserved" and that he has a "deep internal conversation".

Meanwhile, the aggressor, who had escaped the fact, delivered this Thursday morning to the headquarters of La Plata's UFI 5, which is under the proponent of Juan Menucci and set himself up of justice.

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